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Something Borrowed, Something Black & Blue

As Emanda's returning home from the wedding, she notices a missed call from Daniel. She calls him back and catches him brooding over the information his mother has just given him about the danger he and his loved ones may face from the Initiative. He turns through pages of news articles about Flight 197, and then launches into a gentle break-up speech about not wanting to force things too quickly with Ems. She's pretty shocked by this sudden deviation in her plan, more so than being dumped. Daniel has to fight back tears before hanging up on who he believes to be the love of his life.

Ams and Jack hand over baby Carl to Declan and Charlotte as they get ready to set sail for limerickville. And really, this little scene is pretty perfect. Amily radiates with joy at the sound of being called Mrs. Porter for the first time. There's a "Just Married" sign attached to the back of The Amanda as it leaves the dock with the younger couple holding each other next to the old-style stroller, snapping photos. The sky casts a wonderful dusk light on the water. It's a very striking scene to see such beauty and joy among all the vengeance and pain. Jack was right. He was able to give Amily one special day, at least.

Victoria sits alone on her sofa at Grayson Manor at night, with a look on her face that suggests she knows what's coming. She hears someone enter and calls out to Conrad, but it's Helen. She tells Victoria that there's no one else in the house but them. Helen takes a seat next to Victoria on the sofa, asking if she didn't make it clear enough that there would be repercussions for warning Daniel about the Initiative. If Victoria doesn't hand over the evidence she claims to have, Helen will summon Daniel for a meeting, having replaced his driver with one of her own. Victoria will never see him again. Victoria: "You monster." Helen: "Takes one to know one, hmm?" The choice is now Victoria's. Give up Daniel or give up the evidence. Victoria leads Helen out to the pool house where there's a wall safe behind Daniel's mirror. Helen stops Victoria short of opening it so she can open it herself, for some reason. As she enters the combination, Victoria pulls out a gun. This is the criminal mastermind everyone's been in a perpetual chess match with this whole time? Just... inexplicable how she could let Victoria get the drop on her. Helen tries to talk her way out of getting capped and when that doesn't work, she goes for the jugular. Helen: "Victoria, you wept over a man you betrayed for 20 years. I hardly think you have it in you to kill a person in cold blood." Victoria pumps a single round into Helen's heart.

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