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The Foster Parent Trap

Ems waits at the glass telephones in a prison until Mason Treadwell takes a seat across from her. Emanda wastes no time asking for David's letters. The problem with that is they were destroyed when she burned down Mason's house last summer. Obviously, Mason read the letters, though. Ems wants to know what was in them. She has to remind Mason that only she has the power to free him from prison and to help him complete his book he's writing about her entire saga. Mason spills that Ems' father was worried about her being in foster care because he met someone else who had given up a child and saw the toll it took on her. That person was Victoria Grayson. Her first-born son was given up. Mason: "I imagine you'll exploit this fresh little morsel with your usual flair." Ems: "You can't even begin to imagine."

-- Pablo G. is some guy who lives in Austin, Texas. He used to co-host TWoP's original "Trailers Without Pity" with his brother Omar G. Check out their webcomic Space Monkeys! and follow Pablo's writing at Pablog. Follow him @PendejoJoe on Twitter.

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