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The Foster Parent Trap

Down in the basement, Ems finds the makeshift playroom. The only real question being raised here is whether Emanda wore her unfortunate trench coat on purpose for this semi-sleuthing. Acting mostly on memory rather than instinct, Ems heads for a shelf unit and slides it aside, which reveals that it was blocking the large iron door that leads to the coal bin. She cracks open the door. FLASHBACK: We see another instance of Amanda being shut in the room. Meredith peers through the slats in the door to say, "No parent will ever want you." /FLASHBACK. Ems is brought back from her daydream by Eli's voice calling out her name as a warning from upstairs. Before Meredith and Eli can get down into the basement, Emanda puts the shelf back and pulls out her phone to fake the end of a conversation. Ems commends Meredith on what she's been able to build in this home, which garners excitement and the question of whether she's passed inspection. Emanda: "With flying colors."


Grayson Manor. Meredith receives an introduction to Victoria, courtesy of Eli and Emanda. Some smoke blown up Victoria's skirt about how special Eli and Amanda were to Meredith generates a "no she didn't" glance between Ems and Eli. Before they can all even get settled into the parlor, Victoria asks the obvious question: Why would Meredith be interested in a foundation for a girl who set fire to her home? Eli fields that question with some bullshit about how they can't fault Amanda for having such a troubled childhood. Meredith says she's long since forgiven her. Victoria's sold. She'll be giving Meredith her first check this afternoon. Ms. Hayward is surprised to hear there'll be more money coming. $250,000 annually, to be exact. Meredith calls Victoria "a godsend." God's like, "What?"

At the Stowaway, Dec fills in Jack on what he's been up to. He's managed to get Kenny chatting by text, who thinks he's Trey, and arranged a meeting at the school. Jack can now go and confront Kenny. On his way out, he spots Conrad and Ashley, who are there to make their big announcement for the foundation. Dec's a bit embarrassed to admit to his brother he sort of told them they could do that. Unsuccessfully, Jack tries to sneak past them, but Ashley stops him to say that they would like him to take on a more official role for Conrad's campaign. Basically, they want him to be their "Joe the Plumber." Jack breaks it down into what it really is. "You want me to convince the poor guy to vote for the rich guy." He says he'll think about it.

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