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The Foster Parent Trap

Outside of the Stowaway, Eli walks out with Victoria who's livid. He tries to spin the outcome as something that could paint Victoria as a hero, but she doesn't see it that way right now. She thinks the foundation's credibility has been ruined, and she wants Eli gone. Victoria walks away, allowing Emanda to ask Eli if the allegation of arson is true. He admits to relighting the fire Amanda had attempted, but he was only trying to get in her trouble to keep her from being adopted. Ems asks if he has any idea what that fire did to her life. It's odd for Ems to be spending so much time dwelling on details of the past that have very little to do with her father as opposed to looking forward with her plans. Eli claims he's just trying to make it up to her and make things right between them. He walks off with the promise that she'll see the truth of his intentions.

In the dead of night, Nolan and Aiden break into a building where their tracking device has led them. It's an empty room with a table in the middle. Nolan's phone goes off with a text from a blocked number. "Sorry about your friend, Nolan. It's a terrible thing to lose one's... head." They look over to the table, which has a human head-sized cardboard box sitting atop of it. Nolan can't bear to look as Aiden creeps up to it with his flashlight. Inside the box is the tortoise head with the tracking device. Thus concludes the least suspenseful scene ever made. Aiden states the obvious. The Initiative was a step ahead of them. Nolan: "And now we've given our enemy the most unimaginably dangerous program known to man, and put two innocent people's lives in unimaginable danger. You really should consider another line of work." We were all thinking it, Nolan. We were all thinking it.

Jack plays back audio for Declan from Nate's meeting with Conrad where he indirectly ordered a hit on the Porters. Dec asks about the leverage mentioned in the audio. It seems Jack never told Declan about the laptop and Amily's crusade against the Graysons. Declan thinks they have all the evidence they need now to go to the police, but Jack says they can't trust the police. Plus, they need to find some sort of proof that money exchanged hands between Conrad and Nate. But how can Jack get close enough to Conrad to find such proof? Hmm... It's not like Conrad requested his close company during a political campaign or anything.

Eli enters Hayward House where Meredith sits alone in the dark with a liquor bottle and a glass. They took all the foster kids and will be opening an investigation. Eli's unapologetic, so Meredith tries to throw guilt in his face over what he did to Amanda, saying she wishes his sister were still alive to know what he did. Eli says he's going to make it up to Amanda, and that's why he's there. He unbutton his suit coat, causing Meredith to turn to him in fear.

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