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Some Abject Louse

Gene doesn't want to believe Ed would wipe out the town, but Rachel just shrugs. She's sure the patriots have a cure, or else they wouldn't risk their own people. Gene has an idea of where they might keep that cure, but since they're being watched, they can't get to it. Rachel sends a message to Miles.

In the barn, Connor is firmly against the suicide mission of raiding the patriot bunker to look for medication that might not be there. Miles is all, desperate case. Connor protests that he watched bubonic plague sweep through his town in Mexico, and doesn't care for a repeat of that experience. So why don't they just leave Connor behind in the barn? Monroe pulls his ornery son aside, away from Miles, and argues that they need to keep Miles on their side, or else the republic can't rise again. And keeping Miles means doing what Rachel asks. Connor reluctantly agrees.

Washington. Julia sits pensively on her bed as Victor reminds her of some lunch date for the next day. She tells him she's having nightmares because of the break-in and she'd feel safer if she knew the burglar had been caught. It's a good thing she's facing away from him, because she actually can't make her face move as she says those lines. She pleads with him, asking if the burglar is dead, and he breaks his secrecy to say they're questioning him. She fishes for where he's imprisoned, just to know that he's not getting out, but Victor refuses to tell her as he starts sucking on her neck.

Flashback. Julia and Tom sit by the campfire while she dabs at his wounds and he chastises himself for not doing better at keeping their son fed. And this is where Julia's Lady Macbeth is born: she says there are plenty of men out there who are stronger than Tom, but smart beats strong. So they'll have to be the smartest.

Back in Washington, Julia lies awake next to Victor, then gets up, lights a candle, and starts riffling through the papers in his office. She finds Jason's name on a list.

Willoughby. Miles jimmies open a door in the wall surrounding the town and he, Monroe, and Connor slip in. Patriot soldiers are burning plague-ridden clothes here, too. They bypass the bonfire and head for patriot HQ, which has been completely emptied out. Connor is not impressed with Dr. Gene's big idea.

In the quarantine camp, another patient arrives. While Gene and Charlie work on the woman, Rachel goes into one of her fugue states and just wanders around, staring crazily. Later, in another tent, she tells them she thinks the patriots are targeting certain people. The virus isn't spreading like typhus should because it's not communicable—the patriots are deliberately sickening individuals. (And again, that would be more convincing if the disease was typhoid. Not typhus.) She runs through the patients they have right now: an alcoholic, an epileptic, a man with bipolar disorder. The patriots are cleansing the population.

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