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Some Abject Louse

In the wake of that revelation, Gene suddenly keels over, coughing.

NBC follows it up with a commercial for medication for bipolar depression. Uh, good timing?

Rachel picks up a message from Miles under the rock they've designated, then goes back to the tent where Gene is still hacking up one of his lungs. He gives instructions to an anonymous helper while Charlie makes a pouty face at him and asks how the patriots infected him. Fleas! They showered him with fleas! Ed shows up just then to offer his condolences on Gene's sudden illness. He's sure Gene will recover. Rachel stalks past Ed, into the tent, and tells Gene about Miles's message about the nonexistent drugs. Gene has another plan.

At the Reflecting Pool, Julia tells Tom that Jason is in Kenilworth Prison. Which will be hard for Tom to get into…although Victor could just stroll in. She says she and Victor are having lunch with a Colonel Henderson and his wife the next day. She wants Tom to murder the colonel and his wife and then convince Victor to free Jason. He says this will definitely blow their cover, but again, her only goal is getting Jason out alive.

Flashback. Julia sneaks through the woods toward that camp Tom found earlier. She calls out to the two men who beat up Tom, then says she hasn't eaten in two days. The men say they have plenty of food, but want to know what she's willing to trade. Julia unbuttons her shirt. The first man follows her into their tent and the other sits down to watch. Tom jumps out of the woods and slits the man's throat, then picks up a shotgun. He pushes the tent flap aside and shoots the man with Julia. They stare at each other – half of her face is covered in blood, but they're both impressed with the other's ruthlessness.

Ed pours himself a cup of coffee, then puts it down when he sees Rachel pass the tent. He follows her; she stops just short of where Miles left the message. Ed thinks this is a great time for her to tell him where Miles is. Sadly for Ed, Miles is right behind him, and he punches Ed bunnies while Monroe chokes out Ed's pal.

Aaron chases Priscilla through the woods while she swears she's not going to Lubbock. (Because even Samuel Beckett thinks endlessly walking back and forth between Texas and Oklahoma is the definition of hell.) He believes in the danger the nanites told him about, while Priscilla says she's not afraid. He pleads with her to come with him, but she refuses and walks away. But before she gets five steps, a firefly pops up in front of her face and a fucking tree fall. If Aaron didn't pull her back, it would have crushed her. Aaron's like, soooo…Lubbock?

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