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Some Abject Louse

Miles pulls a bag off Ed's head; Ed, who's tied to a chair, blinks, then focuses on the first person he sees -- Monroe. "Not so easy to kill, am I?" he smirks. Miles says Ed infected Gene and asks where the antidote is. Ed pleads that Gene got sick trying to help people, and if he dies, he'll die a hero. Miles is all, I'M BORED, ENTERTAIN ME. He shows Ed a syringe full of fresh-squeezed typhus and then plunges it into Ed's neck. He asks again where the vaccine is. Monroe's watching all this, vaguely amused. Ed tries to psych them out, saying he's sure if he tells them where the antidote is they'll kill him and keep it for themselves. Monroe agrees that yeah, that is pretty much the plan.

In the quarantine camp, Gene hacks and moans, then rambles deathly about the poetry of his impending doom, since his wife was infected while nursing sick kids with cholera even though Gene told her to keep her distance from them. He just wants to see his wife again, but Charlie and Rachel both holler at him about how he doesn't get to rest yet.

Neville finds the back door of Colonel Henderson's house unlocked, just as Julia told him it would be. To the ominous strains of Beethoven, he stalks through the kitchen...and in the dining room finds Victor with his gun pointed at Julia's head. Along with like nine other armed men, all ready to shoot Neville. So I guess Victor didn't get to his lofty spot in the administration just by being a fun guy to have around.

Victor tells Neville to put the gun down or he'll kill Julia (who he now knows is Neville's wife). Neville tries to bluff, but Victor just chuckles about what big brass balls he has. And then, cruelly, he says Jason never talked while he was being interrogated. As compared to his clumsy parents, who blew their cover by making starry eyes at each other across rooms all the time. Victor says he obviously had a tail on Julia. She grits, "Give me back my son." Victor asks why she thinks Jason is still alive, and then says he really loved Julia. Tom asks what happens now, and Victor says they'll just have some conversations. I bet that'll be super thrilling. And Tom and Julia will never see each other again. The soldiers drag them off.

Connor buttons up his patriot uniform and swears he won't screw up. He marches Ed, at gunpoint, into the woods.

Gene wakes up from a doze, trying to cough up his liver. He starts seizing.

Connor and Ed stroll through Willoughby and into Ed's office. None of the soldiers seem to think it's odd that their boss is with a guy they've never seen before. Ed unlocks his safe, and then Connor forces him away from the safe. He pulls out a handgun, then finds the vials of vaccine in the back of the safe. He says he'll let Ed have it after he gets him safely out of town. Just then, Ed's men burst through the office door.

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