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I Hear Them Moanin' Their Lives Away
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Previously on Revolution: The power went out. Fifteen years later, Charlie's dad got murdered so she and her giant teeth showed up in Chicago and ruined her uncle's life. And now you're caught up.

We flash back to one week after the blackout. I'm hoping it didn't happen in summer, because if all the power went out in, like, July, wouldn't ninety percent of Arizona be dead with in a week? Anyway, little-kid Charlie tells her mom she wants to wear her ballet slippers, but Mom recommends walking shoes, because they're going to do like Dora and walk out of the city. Ben is bustling around packing things -- including a revolver. Charlie's mom instructs Charlie to keep an eye on Danny and never let go of his hand. It's very "Jack! Rose! Jack! ROSE!!" You just know Charlie would shove anyone off that door so she wouldn't freeze to death in the north Atlantic, though.

Outside, the Mathesons are pulling the kids and all their worldly possessions in red wagons through the streets of Chicago, which are already starting to look like an apocalyptic wasteland. And then we're in the present day, and Charlie is looking at the skyline dourly. Maggie asks if she's all right. Aaron is slumped over, clearly not enjoying all this there-and-back-again shit. In the distance they hear some metallic clanking. "Where's Miles?" Charlie asks.

He is next to a train and having another swordfight. Obvs. Because NBC taught Billy Burke how to swordfight, and they will damn well get their money's worth out of those lessons. Miles punches out the bounty hunter he's been dueling with, putting an end to the fight in the most Harrison Ford of fashions, and is about to skewer him through the throat when Charlie intervenes and is all, "You can't murder this guy who clearly wants to murder us!" UGH. Too stupid to live, this one. Miles relents and Aaron helps him drag the bounty hunter off to a boxcar, which they will lock him inside. As we pull out, we see that Nate is on the other side of the train.

The travelers arrive in Pontiac, Illinois. As they walk through a marketplace, a street preacher is saying that God caused the blackout, and Aaron observes dryly, "Great, they're having a sale on heroin." See, Ron Paul was wrong, people do need the government to keep them from doing hard drugs! Although I would probably turn to opiates sooner than later when my TV stopped working. Is there even a reason to live if I can't have Tami Taylor in my life?

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