Chained Heat

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I Hear Them Moanin' Their Lives Away

Neville asks again if there's anything the homeowner wants to tell him. The man reluctantly reaches inside for his shotgun and tosses it on the lawn. Neville tells his men to search the house anyway. They approach, and the homeowner shoots the first man. Neville draws and kills the homeowner. He kneels by his gut-shot soldier. Another soldier brings out an American flag and shows it to Neville. "Burn it," Neville says. "Burn everything."

Monroe's camp. Johnny Crowder picks up a knife and starts carving on a bound man's face. Monroe interrupts him. Monroe asks "Sergeant Strausser" what he's doing. Nope, he's Johnny Crowder. And if Boyd existed in this TV show, he would be in charge of everything. Johnny says he was interrogating a suspect, and Monroe says, "Not like this. We're not animals." Johnny hands him the knife. Monroe introduces himself to the bound man. He asks where the rebels are and promises to return the man to his family. Monroe says the rebels are bombing his camps, killing his men -- they're terrorists. He says he just wants his subjects to be safe and happy. The prisoner says the people aren't happy, they're afraid of Monroe. But he's not. Monroe smiles and picks up a different pointy object, then sticks it in the prisoner, rather lethally. Ick.

Campfire. Maggie is patching Miles up. She asks Aaron for her Swiss Army knife, and, searching for it in her bag, he pulls out an iPhone and asks why she's keeping this useless piece of glass and plastic. Miles tells Charlie, "Next time I tell you I want to kill somebody, let me kill him." He has a point, as usual. Maggie's work is apparently done, because Miles stands up, puts on his jacket, and says he'll meet them in Lowell, Indiana, in two weeks. (You know, I bet Pawnee would be doing just fine without any power. I would go live with Ron Swanson in a hot minute.) Miles says he has to go get Nora, who is very good at blowing things up and whom they need in order to get Danny back. Charlie protests, but Miles leaves anyway.

The next morning, Maggie and Aaron wake up and Charlie has done run off, because she is a feckless idiot. Maggie copes with this by hollering Charlie's name. Maybe if we'd seen even one minute of Charlie being able to handle herself without practically wandering off a cliff and not noticing till four paces into thin air, Wile E. Coyote-style, I wouldn't want her to fall down and die already quite so much. But I do. And she obliges! Well, she falls down a hill and sprains her ankle.

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