Chained Heat

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I Hear Them Moanin' Their Lives Away

Nora has taken her shirt off to treat the sword cut across her abdomen, and Miles sees the American flag tattoo between her shoulder blades. He recognizes that the tattoo means she's joined the rebels, and says she's not planning to sell the rifle, that she's going to give it to the resistance. Charlie asks what he means by rebels. Miles says, "A bunch of deluded, bleeding-heart--" "Patriots," Nora interrupts. "Trying to bring back the United States." Miles tells Nora she'll be lynched for this. She says she plans to take out Monroe first.

Grace's house. She's typing away on her Only Computer in the World. She hears a knock at the front door. Whoever it is greets her by name. She slams the door and runs upstairs to her computer, typing frantically: "Randall is here." He also has a MacGuffin. And what looks like an electric shock baton. I am concerned about Grace.

At a large brick building that looks vaguely familiar (did they have the Continental Congress there or something?), Monroe unlocks a room and walks inside. "Rachel?" he asks. "They treating you well?" Rachel, it turns out IS CHARLIE'S MOM. She's alive. And she hasn't aged a day, so her prison must be located over the world's untapped reserves of Crème de la Mer. She thanks Monroe for his hospitality and he says it's nice to see someone from the old days. She says she liked him better back when he was a womanizing drunk. Well, yeah. Womanizing drunks tend to be fun. Look how well playing one has worked out for Jon Hamm. Rachel asks why he's come to visit. He tells her Ben's dead. She doesn't react much, and says, "You're lying." He says he didn't want it to happen, and that he's sorry. Then he tells her that he has her son. That gets a rise out of her. Rachel tries to stab Monroe with her pen, but he gets her in a chokehold and says if she wants to see Danny, she's going to tell him what she knows about Ben and the power and everything.

Next time: Miles, Nora, and Charlie join the rebels. Or do they?

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