Children of Men

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Burn, Baby, Burn
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Previously on Revolution: The Tower is not actually a tower, and everybody wants to go there either to turn the power back on or to kill the people trying to turn the power back on. Also there is maybe a polar bear living in it.

We start right where we left off: with Rachel palming the grenade in Monroe's tent. She releases the lever and is immediately tackled by one of Monroe's guards. Major Franklin tackles Monroe. Rachel stares steadily, with completely dead, emotionless eyes, at Monroe while she struggles over the grenade with the guard who tackled her, and he manages to knock it outside the tent, where it explodes. Aaron sees the explosion from the forest.

Miles lands the helicopter carrying Nora, Charlie, Neville, and Jason somewhere in the woods several miles away from the Monroe encampment. (I guess Monroe's new power tools don't include radar.) Miles gives his troops the world's worst pep talk about how they're probably walking into certain death and they set out to rescue Rachel.

So the grenade didn't actually kill anyone (well, not anyone it was supposed to). Aaron watches from the woods with binoculars as Monroe and his guards escort Rachel to the Tower, where she puts her palm on the security panel. It blinks green and the doors roll open. Randall is all, THE FUCK? Inside, the lights switch on and Monroe, Randall, Rachel, and the others walk in, passing a supercollider on their way. You know, just your average secret bunker, equipped with a machine that can collapse the universe. Rachel hisses at Randall about how stupid he was, bringing Monroe here. He wants to know how she was able to open the door, since she doesn't have security clearance -- maybe Grace was responsible, he muses. Or else it's the polar bear.

Major Franklin and Captain Riley are back near the entrance when the huge doors slide shut, freaking them out. Elsewhere in the tower, we see that Landry Clarke's dad is the one who issued the order to close the doors, and had been watching the Monrovies make their merry way in. "Let's go say hello," he suggests, and his men grab their comically enormous guns.

Miles and Neville watch the entrance to the Tower with binoculars, looking for Rachel. Neville doesn't think she's there; she's probably dead in Nebraska, he ventures. Nora alerts them to scouts nearby--but it's actually Aaron, who was dumb enough to sit around reading by candlelight. He's delighted to see them because they probably have guns and grenades and possibly some beef jerky, while Neville's just like, hey fatty.

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