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Mr. Hudson, in the Hangar, With a Switchblade

Milescopter. Jason and Charlie make mushy faces at each other in the back of the bus while he flashes back to when he confronted the guy who was staring at him. The guy extends his hand, showing the Monroe brand on his wrist, greets Jason by both of his recent aliases, and tells him he has a job for him. Back in the copter, they land at Fort Hanson, somewhere in the Plains Nation, to refuel. And my expert source on this subject tells me aviation fuel actually could last fifteen years, although it might be contaminated with water or fungus, so you'd want to get it from a storage site, not from a decaying plane. It's not the most unbelievable part of this episode, anyway. The pilot tells them to drain any planes, choppers, or fuel trucks they can find.

John goes off to fiddle something, but not before giving Nora the universal signal for "keep your mouth shut." Miles suggests that Nora stay here...on this abandoned air force base where she knows no one and there's no food? Jesus, Matheson, who made you Commander of Stupid Ideas this week? She tells him he's fine and he goes back to siphoning fuel.

Outside a shipping container, Charlie notices fresh red blood on the ground. She pulls the doors of the container open and finds the pilot, his throat cut, an X carved into the wound. Miles explains that it's a sign that a local killed him, that the Plains people don't want these assorted Mathesons and their blundering hangers-on intruding. Seems completely reasonable to me. When they get back to the chopper, the engine's been tampered with. Miles says Nora can fix the helicopter and he can fly it, but right now he's going to try and find the pilot-murderer.

In Colorado, Rachel and Aaron watch Monroe's men from the woods. She hands him Jane's book, which has the override codes to get into the Tower, and explains that after she kills Monroe tonight, he should slip inside in all the confusion. Aaron protests that the Monrovies will kill her, to which Rachel is like, DUH. She cry-stammers some more bullshit about Danny and Ben and commands him to turn the power back on.

Fort Hanson. Miles runs into Charlie, who wasn't being too stealthy -- which I guess is a good thing because Miles would have shot her -- and they run off together toward a noise: it's Ramsey, who's also had his throat cut. Ah, Mr. Oswald. We knew you in this dumb world so briefly. Miles sends Charlie for help -- what help? The just-add-water qualified trauma surgeon they've been keeping in a jar for just such an occasion? -- and tries to stop the bleeding and also get Ramsey to tell him who did this to him. Ramsey, of course, has a transected windpipe and can't exactly talk real good, so he just dies and Miles is all WHY DOES EVERYTHING BAD HAPPEN TO ME.

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