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Mr. Hudson, in the Hangar, With a Switchblade

Charlie comes running back with Jason, John, Jim, and Neville. And one of these J names is going to have to die, because there are too many for me to keep track of. It's like recapping the damn Duggars. Miles says he doesn't think a Plains local killed the pilot and Ramsey and disabled the chopper. He thinks one of the people present did it. I think it's Nora. Who's conspicuously absent.

Inside the hangar, Miles makes everyone put their weapons in a bag. Charlie, who basically treats her gun like Lennie did that puppy at this point, reluctantly gives hers up. Neville is suspicious of John, and asks how, exactly, he just waltzed out of a militia prison with a hundred and ten pounds of unconscious rebel bomb maker slung over his shoulder. John asks, "Do I look like a killer to you?"

Neville, former mild-mannered insurance adjuster turned savage torturer and murderer, bites off his words when he says he's seen killers in all shapes and sizes. He's even more unwilling to give up his gun when Miles asks for it, and now points the finger at Jim, who's been missing lately. Jim exposits that he took the Magical Flying Machine to Annapolis a few weeks back and he's been fighting with Ramsey. This seems to placate Neville, who takes off his dozens of weapons and puts them in Miles's bag. Miles (who's still armed) locks the bag in a helicopter and goes off to find Nora.

He finds her facedown on the ground, with a knife next to her, but when he flips her over, she hasn't had her throat cut. He shakes her awake and Nora, still pretty wibbly from the drugs, says she blacked out while going to get fuel; as Miles binds up her bleeding hand, he asks how she hurt herself. She doesn't know.

Back at the hangar, Miles believes Nora's story. Neville doesn't. John cuts in that all the drugs he slugged into Nora cause paranoia, hallucination, and psychotic behavior, so it's totally possible that she killed the pilot and Ramsey. Miles refuses to believe Nora's guilty, because this week the script says he loves Nora best and rates Charlie about as highly as a smear of pigeon shit on his shoe, but as he starts yelling irrationally, Nora cuts in and announces that she thinks she did do it.

In a flashback we see Nora kill one of her guards in Monroe's dungeon. In the present, she says she doesn't remember doing it. (So did John tell her she did it?) Miles tells her he knows her and he trusts her, and he knows she didn't commit these murders, but Nora cries that she broke and told Monroe everything. This seems to be news to Neville, who says Nora's a risk and they need to leave her here. Miles -- who had the exact same idea like ten minutes ago! -- is unwilling to hear bad words about Nora and decides to search everyone's bags. Jason tries to remove something from his, but Miles catches him and grabs the object -- a bloody switchblade.

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