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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Septicemia* But Were Afraid to Ask
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Previously on Revolution: Dr. Horn tortured Aaron to find out how he can control the nanites, only Aaron has no idea. Rachel considered murdering her own father to eliminate Horn. And Ms. Justine's husband shot her dead.

Miles, Charlie, and Rachel are preparing to make their suicidal attack on the patriot bunker to rescue Aaron and Cynthia. It's the three of them, with maybe six guns, up against thirty or forty soldiers. But they're the Fightin' Mathesons! They don't give a fuck! They're about to charge in when Miles suddenly decides to give a fuck—he hesitates when he notices all the patriot soldiers who should be guarding the bunker are flat on the ground. There's a motionless crow among them, and a dog as well.

Miles checks one for a pulse and says he's just bunnies, not dead. So they stroll right in through the open door. Passing more bunnies soldiers on their way in, they ascertain that Gene's nowhere to be found. Charlie picks up one of Aaron's boot prints and they guess this is Aaron's handiwork. "Seriously…what the hell's going on?" Miles asks. Dude, we've been wondering that since the Tower. They follow the tracks.

Behind a closed door, they find a few more bunnies soldiers, a man-sized hole in the wall, and no Aaron. The soldiers are starting to come to, so Miles insists they beat feet, even though Rachel is suddenly soooooo concerned about her traitor daddy and wants to faff around looking for him.

Train station, somewhere back east. The Nevilles escort Allenford to his train while Allenford bitches about Jason's presence, since he's escaped from a reeducation center. Tom emphasizes that Jason's presence isn't optional, and then tells his son, "Smile, boy. We're going to the White House."

Willoughby. The patriots are all groaning over their desks, clutching their heads. One reports to Horn that it looks like Aaron just walked out through a wall, into "the tunnels." And I totally believe that all small Texas towns have an elaborate network of underground tunnels. This is why there are all those urban legends and George Strait songs about the mole people of Amarillo.

Miles, Charlie, and Rachel have emerged from a tunnel into a foggy field. Charlie picks up Aaron's trail again. Miles is also curious about the existence of the tunnel, and about the weird, totally-not-Texas-summer-y weather. He blames it on the nanites and asks Rachel to explain, but she's suddenly concerned about Gene, whom she wanted to kill like, twenty minutes ago, and insists she has to go back. Charlie wants to go with her, but Miles asks them to stay and help him figure out "this X-Files weirdness" and find Aaron before they go gallivanting back into the heavily guarded town where they're all wanted for murder.

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