Fear and Loathing

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Constrain'd to Watch in Darkness
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Previously on Revolution: The President sent Jason and Tom Neville to hunt down Monroe, or else he'll have Julia tortured (some more) and killed. In Lubbock, Aaron and Priscilla found their old friend Peter, who helped them build the nanotech when they were all at MIT together, but Peter is a faith-healing religious fanatic now so he locks them in a room when they try to tell his congregation that it's not God but a bunch of rogue computer code healing them. And Charlie, Connor, and Monroe go to New Vegas to hire themselves some mercenaries to take on the patriots, but their plan to steal a bunch of diamonds to pay for said mercenaries goes catastrophically wrong. Oh, and then the Olympics happened. Did everyone enjoy their borscht?

We pick up right where we left off, with Gould's casino enforcers dragging bloodied Monroe and Connor into a chain-link octagon. Because you can never have enough of David Lyons shirtless and punching people. Pretty sure that was the whole reason for season fourteen of ER and all of The Cape. Monroe eyes a sharp shard of metal on the ground. Charlie, who managed to get away, watches from the bushes.

Gould taunts Monroe from outside the octagon; he's discovered Monroe's true identity, and that Connor is his son. Monroe tries to bluff, but Gould doesn't believe him, and explains that to repay the debt, Monroe and Connor will be fighting to the death. (He calls it a dogfight, in case anyone was misled by his subtlety.) Through the fence, Monroe grabs Gould by the throat and holds his shiv to it, but of course Gould is surrounded by armed men, who aim their guns at Connor. Monroe nicks Gould, but lets him go. Gould says he'll kill them both if he thinks either of them is trying to throw the fight tomorrow.

Connor speculates that maybe Charlie can help, but Monroe isn't optimistic, even though he calls her "Mini-Miles." He grimly says he's going to teach his son how to kill him.

Willoughby. Rachel, Miles, and the Nevilles watch the patriots bustle around busily in the quarantine hospital, which they're surprised to see is being remodeled. They're not sure what it's becoming, but Miles speculates, "Oh, probably something terrible." The patriots are unloading barrels from wagons, and Jason seems to recognize the barrels. Up there giving orders: Julia's second husband, Victor Doyle. The Nevilles do not pipe up with his ID, just give each other guilty side-eye when Miles says they should have a little chat with Victor.

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