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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Neville comes into Monroe's office, and Monroe asks how he and the missus are holding up since Jason "died." Neville says they're fine, and he heard about the mission to go get Rachel. He's sore about why he wasn't asked to go. Monroe says Neville needed time to grieve, which Neville says he appreciates, but he doesn't exactly trust Randall. Monroe says he doesn't either, but then he doesn't trust anyone.

Hospital. Randall and two henchmen do the Slow Walk of Evil through the halls and we flash back to one month before the blackout. Randall tells Rachel and Ben that they're going to launch the weapon against the Taliban in one month. Ben says they still need to test it, which Randall says they've been doing for a year, while more soldiers die every day that they wait. Rachel's concerned about the risks, but he says they're imaginary and the Mathesons aren't his only eggheads, so he's going forward with the weapon deployment with or without them, so they'd better have it ready. That... doesn't sound like he's able to launch the weapon without them, does it?

Charlie, Rachel and Aaron creep into the hospital kitchen. Rachel chooses this moment to gasp about how she's let Charlie down and failed her in every way. But during this tender moment, the militia comes in and yells at them to put their hands up. They crouch below the prep tables, avoiding velociraptor-style, and then Charlie pops up and shoots one with her crossbow. (A militia dude, not a velociraptor. Although that would be cool.) She runs, drawing the militia out, leaving Rachel and Aaron behind. The man pursuing her runs around the corner and Charlie strikes out with an arrow in her hands, stabbing him to death. She takes his gun.

The militia kill squad moves methodically through Culpeper while the townspeople watch from inside their houses. Jim comes out to meet them and tells them who he is. The militia soldiers surround him, and the leader asks him where Miles is. Miles steps out of the woods and says hello. He has a sword in one hand and a gigantic knife in the other, because Miles likes stabbing things. He tells the captain to surrender, that they have him surrounded. Well, as much as a triangle can surround a circle, because Nora is in the woods on the other side of the street. The captain orders his men to cuff Miles and the fight starts.

They fight. Buckles are swashed. The captain just watches from his horse and Jim catches sight of his wife, in an upstairs window. He stares at her too long and the captain notices, so Sophie might be a goner.

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