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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

And now Jim is brokenhearted and alone. He tells Miles he ruined his life again, but he's going with him. Because he has no other choice. He addresses him as General Matheson and Miles looks like he really hates being called that.

Aaron is staring glumly into a fire when Miles, Nora and Jim find him. She asks what happened with Echo Base, and he says it's a long story. Charlie has finally gotten over her childish snit and apologizes to her mother, telling her she was focused on getting Danny back for such a long time and now she never will. They hug and cry on each other and from across the clearing, Miles stares at them hauntedly. Nora watches him and puts her hand in his. Oh, honey. That's not going to end in babies and well-curated libraries for you, I don't think.

Randall, in his Humvee, flashes back to the night of the blackout. He's asking the team in Kabul (of course) what their status is and asks, "Tower, are you ready?" Landry Clarke's dad, in the Tower, asks if he's absolutely sure about this. Randall is holding his dead son's dog tags. He's sure. He tells them to execute the virus.

Rachel sits by Charlie as she sleeps near the campfire. Aaron comes out of the woods and says he can't imagine what she's been through with Monroe, but seeing as how she keeps almost getting him killed, he wants an explanation of what's going on. She tells him he doesn't want to know and Aaron pleads with her, saying they're friends; she and Ben took him in (but I thought Rachel left Ben and the kids before they settled in Illinois?), and he asks her to let him help. She relents and says she'll tell him everything. She starts by telling him about a place called the Tower.

Next week: Something went wrong at the Tower, which is what knocked out the power. Jason joins up with the rebels and Charlie clubs Neville in the face. And Miles and Rachel make out.

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