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Mama Said Knock You Out
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Previously on Revolution: Aaron and Priscilla reunited in Oklahoma and set out walking back to Texas after the fireflies tried to kill them. Tom and Julia Neville blew their cover trying to rescue Jason. Monroe père et fils schemed to resurrect the republic, and after Rachel discovered that the patriots started a typhus epidemic to try and weed out undesirables, Gene got sick.

Charlie and Rachel frantically tend to Gene while he seizes. He stops breathing and they grab the portable breather-bag-squeezy thing.

In Ed's office, Connor has Ed at gunpoint. Ed wants Sanders, the soldier closest, to shoot Connor, but before he can, Sanders gets a sniper's bullet through the head, courtesy of Miles Matheson on a neighboring rooftop. Inside, Connor's all, any more heroes? The soldiers drop their guns. Connor somehow renders them all bunnies and shackles them and Ed to a radiator and gags Ed, then takes off with the antidote, not leaving a dose for Ed.

Charlie and Rachel manage to revive Gene. Connor dashes in just then with the drugs and Rachel tells her to shoot up all the patients. Connor tries to impress upon them the urgency of fleeing, but Charlie's more interested in heroic life saving. And maybe a little flirting? She's all, so, you're Li'l Sebastian, while Connor just stares at her, like, TIME AND PLACE, MISSY. Meantime, a soldier finds Ed locked up in his office and frees him so they can go Matheson hunting.

Charlie and Rachel chuck Gene in the back of a wagon and cover him up, then ride off, with Connor driving. The soldiers at the quarantine camp gate let them out, no hassles, when Connor explains they're going for supplies. They pick up Miles and Monroe a little bit away from the camp, and Rachel and Miles make sex eyes at each other.

Ed dashes into the quarantine tent and finds some antidote, then sweatily injects himself.

Washington. Ah, here's where they're using those cages we saw in the season premiere. Someone comes to drag Neville—or a dehydrated, pasty shell of Neville—from his cage and dumps him on the Oval Office floor. The man behind the big desk asks if Neville knows who he is, and Neville, his face all bloody, manages to say, "How do you do, Mr. President?" It's not Ben Affleck. I'm super disappointed.

Neville tries not to bleed on the carpet. The president invites him to have a seat—but not on that sofa, because it was Reagan's and Neville is filthy. Nice to see that some things don't change after the end of the world, and the slobbering Ronnie worshipers are still in power. The president starts monologuing about Neville's recent antigovernment vendetta and offers him a glass of water. They've clearly done a number on our man Tom, because he accepts it without suspicion. When he tries to talk his way out of his current predicament, the president interrupts and says he already knows the truth of Neville's plots—because Julia told him everything.

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