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Ménage à Terror

Rachel and Aaron have made it to La Grange, Missouri. She's flipping through Jane's diary, trying to make sense of what she refers to as "Da Vinci on meth." Aaron offers to help, since he used to be kind of a genius -- with two doctorates from MIT, he reminds her -- but Rachel just sends him off for supplies, because Rachel is a selfish asshole.

Aaron wanders through the marketplace and suddenly recognizes his wife. She disappears into the crowd, and he rushes around yelling for her, but Priscilla's nowhere to be found. Maybe this is another hallucination?

Charlie's lair of guns. She tells Miles they've gained three dozen enemy rifles, and he congratulates her on her murderin' skills. He's suddenly concerned about her emotional stability, but since Charlie is a robot made of teeth and petulance, the only thing she wants to discuss is whatever terrible thing Miles did to Rachel that everyone keeps obliquely referring to. Well, that's fair. I would also like to know what that story is. But before Miles can once again squint his eyes and clench his jaw and toss his shaggy Chrissie Hynde haircut and just say it was so awful and no one should ever get close to me, Captain Dixon interrupts and says they've captured a militia messenger who was looking for Miles.

Miles asks the kid for the message: General Monroe wants to meet Miles in their hometown by dawn, and as an enticement, Monroe will kill everyone in town -- including someone named Emma -- if Miles doesn't show up alone. I'm kind of surprised Monroe hasn't threatened this earlier.

Flashback. Teenage Emma is upset that Teenage Miles enlisted in the Marines without telling her. He assures her he won't get killed, and they kiss.

Small Town Wherever. Grown-up Emma wants to talk to Monroe, who goes into his own flashback of jealously: himself, across the room, watching that tender scene between Emma and Miles. She approaches the gazebo he's commandeered and says they've missed him in Small Town Wherever. Uh... are they not aware he's a genocidal dictator? I guess not, since Monroe says the soldiers herding all the townspeople into the courthouse are just doing it for their protection from terrorists. Emma asks for the truth, playing the we're-old-friends card. Monroe says their past friendship doesn't give her to the right to talk to him like that, and behind them, militia soldiers start beating the hell out of a man who wouldn't obey their orders. Monroe tells his soldiers to take Emma away.

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