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Ménage à Terror

Jeremy and Monroe mosey around Small Town discussing Miles and how they're going to kill him when he shows up. Jeremy would prefer if Monroe went back "home" to Philadelphia, but Monroe just grits, "This is my home." Which he's going to destroy.

Army camp. Charlie finds Dixon beating the shit out of the militia messenger while Nora and Jim watch. Miles sneaked out not long ago, they say, and they want answers from this poor bastard.

Monroe goes to visit the graves of his parents and sister. There's a fresh bouquet next to one of the headstones. He wanders around deserted Small Town, coming to his family's former home (maybe?). Flashback. Emma tugs a blanket over Miles, who is passed out on the couch. In the kitchen, Baby Monroe touches Emma's hand and they stare meaningfully each other.

Charlie, Nora, Jim, and Dixon are following Miles's trail to Small Town. Charlie bitches about Dixon's presence to Nora, then says she's really only doing this to make sure Miles kills Monroe this time. We get it, Charlie, you're a feelingsless murder-bot now.

La Grange. Rachel tries to convince Aaron to give up his fruitless search for Priscilla. He insists he didn't imagine seeing her, then thinks he sees her again and runs toward her. She's inside a bar, with a disreputable-looking scruffy blond guy. Aaron says her name, and Priscilla is not even a tiny bit thrilled to see him. On account of how he abandoned her in the wilderness, you know? She introduces Steve, the scruffy guy, as her husband. Rachel butts in, just so Aaron won't be without a disreputable-looking blonde of his own, and Aaron pleads with Priscilla to talk with him. She rejects him, and Rachel drags him away while he has a microbe of dignity left. Aaron gives her a longing look before he leaves, and she stares pleadingly at him -- because Steve has a gun pointed at Aaron.

Rachel tries to console Aaron, telling him Priscilla might be better off without him, but he's certain that something was wrong, based on how Priscilla was acting. He won't leave her again. Rachel's all, but this is really interfering with my plans!

Miles arrives in Small Town and makes a stealthy approach. Inside the courthouse, Emma tells Monroe that the man his men beat has died. She tries to reason with him, says the people he's rounded up are his teachers, his neighbors, but he refuses to release them. Emma asks if this is about Miles, and appeals to the feelings Monroe had for her once. She says she loved him, too. Flashback to the kitchen. Baby Monroe kisses Emma. In the present, he asks why she's just telling him that now. She thinks there's still part of him that's kind and decent, and begs him to let the townspeople go.

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