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Ménage à Terror

Miles kills a sentry on the roof, but he isn't quite silent enough, because someone else sees him and opens fire. Inside, Jeremy comes into the room where Monroe and Emma are and signals. Monroe asks Emma if she's the one who put flowers on his family's graves. She says yes, she did. Monroe tells Emma that she's kind and sees the best in people, even him. He wants to be the man she used to know, he says and kisses her. "But he's dead," he finishes. He tells his men to lock all the townspeople in the basement and burn the building down.

La Grange. Aaron, in the street, hears Priscilla grunt when Steve throws her in the back of a wagon. Aaron decides to have a conversation, even though Steve is like four feet away. He notices Aaron and says Priscilla is a fugitive. Aaron's like, okay, fine, in that case I'll let you get on your way. He turns away while Priscilla cries, but then he rushes back and tackles Steve. They punch each other, with Aaron getting the worst of it, until Priscilla manages to knock Steve unconscious with an iron pipe.

Small Town. The building is burning, with all the people in the basement terrified and screaming. As you would be. Miles shoots several more militia soldiers as he tries to get close to the burning courthouse, and takes a bullet in the leg on his way. He makes it up the steps and runs inside. Monroe, watching, tells Jeremy and the others to make sure Miles doesn't leave the building.

Inside, Miles hears the people screaming and pounding on the locked basement door. He shoots the lock off and hustles the people out, but everything stops when he sees Emma. Limping, he escorts the townspeople away from the flames, but they find the front entrance completely engulfed. And Monroe's men are firing on them through the windows. Emma asks Miles what they're going to do. Well, they're going to be unconscious from smoke inhalation pretty soon.

Reinforcements arrive: Jim and Nora shoot a couple of the soldiers who are covering one of the exits, so Miles tells Emma to lead everyone to the woods behind the high school. He joins Jim and Nora, then moves across the square to where Charlie is taking potshots at Jeremy and his men.

Monroe yells for Miles to come out, because he has a gun to Emma's head. Monroe babbles madly about how it's like old times, having their little trio back together. The rebel soldier with Charlie hisses to Miles to take the shot at Monroe, but he can't, for fear of hitting Emma. Charlie monotones that she'll do it, because they came to kill Monroe, and who cares if someone's beloved childhood girlfriend gets her brains splattered everywhere? I think I might hate Murder Robot Charlie more than I hated Cries All the Time Charlie, and that's saying something. Miles snaps that he'll kill anyone who takes the shot.

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