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In My Time of Dying
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Previously on Revolution: Ben got shot, so Charlie sought help from her uncle Miles, who used to be a general in the Monroe Militia with his hetero life partner, Sebastian Monroe. Miles enlisted Nora, who's working with the rebels, and along for the ride is Aaron, who's not very good at anything anymore. Charlie's mother, Rachel, is being held by Monroe in Philadelphia because she might know how to turn the power back on, starting with those silver pendants.

West Chester Rebel Camp, outside Philadelphia. Nora is trying to convince some dude that she's actually a rebel, but he finds that hard to believe, since she's accompanied by Generalissimo Miles Matheson. So some of his fellow rebel buddies decide to beat the shit out of Miles. Come on, guys, Breaking Dawn Part 2 wasn't that bad! And none of the bad was Billy Burke's fault! He didn't fall in love with a ludicrously named Reborn Doll!

A man who introduces himself as Colonel Starkey, and the guy from earlier as Sergeant Wheatley, comes into the room where Miles is tied to a chair. Miles is amused that the rebels are also using military titles, while Starkey is amused that he might get to shoot Miles in the face. I guess everyone in the republic is familiar with what a genocidal bastard Miles used to be. Starkey asks why he shouldn't execute Miles, and Miles says he's going to give him Monroe's head on a plate, in exchange for their help freeing Danny. Now that seems like two things Miles wants.

Starkey and Wheatley discuss, and Wheatley asks Miles to explain how this would work. Miles says he knows everything about Monroe and his habits, and he can get them right in front of him. I would like some clarification on how long it's been since Miles defected from the militia. A year? Five? How old is his intel, really? Maybe Monroe likes banging some different ladies now. Wheatley doesn't really believe Miles is betraying Monroe like this, but Miles asks how they can pass up the chance to take out Monroe if he's telling the truth.

Starkey and Wheatley release Miles, who only has a bit of a bloody lip for his hard use. Charlie, ever a flower of femininity, tells Miles, "You look terrible." He winks at her and says it's part of his charm. Amen, brother. He tells the others they're getting Danny back, and taking out Monroe, tomorrow night.

Camp. Charlie is sitting alone, staring across the river at Philly. Is there a river next to Philly? (There are two! I should know that without looking it up.) Miles approaches, drinking from a bottle, and she points out that maybe he shouldn't get hammered the night before the big job. Miles is all, tonight I drink, for tomorrow we die! I'm surprised he's not somewhere trying to nail Nora, in that case. Charlie's confident Miles will save their skins, and Miles asks why she's so sure he knows what he's doing. He worries out loud about what will happen if he's face to face with Monroe, and Charlie doesn't understand why that would be a bad thing (presumably, her thought process is all: 1. Miles sees Monroe, 2. Miles stabs Monroe, 3. We get Danny back, 4. Rainbows and ponies!), and Miles shuffles off.

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