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In My Time of Dying

Wheatley and a woman with a bow are watching a pair of militia guards from the shadows. She fires and kills them both.

Aaron, on a set of train tracks, asks Miles if this is really the only way into Philly. He says there are walls around the city thirty feet high, complete with machine gun nests, so since they can't go over, they have to go under. Miles leads the team, including Wheatley and his Katniss wannabe, into a subway tunnel marked "Express Train to Philadelphia."

The tunnel, of course, is full of rats, but worse, Nora says the militia has rigged it with traps. As they walk, Miles thanks Wheatley for talking the colonel into not killing him. Wheatley says he used be a gambler, so he's playing the odds here, hoping he gets to kill Monroe, and worst case he gets to kill Miles. He looks pleased by both ideas.

Charlie asks Nora what Miles was like back when he was a general, and what he was like with Monroe. Nora tells her they were best friends, but Miles had to leave the militia after he tried to assassinate Monroe, but couldn't go through with it. They're interrupted by a loud click, and Nora tells everyone to freeze. Of course, Charlie is standing on a claymore.

While Rachel tinkers with her invention, her pendant is powering a stereo, which is playing this week's special guest stars, Led Zeppelin! I... do not see how Led Zeppelin has anything to do with a world without power (acoustic Bob Dylan, maybe?), but maybe that's because I was born in the '80s. Neville comes in, and he's swamped with baby boomer nostalgia. He introduces Captain Burke, and says he needs to know what Rachel's machine will do. She says she's too busy, but Neville insists that Burke's life and his men's lives depend on this here gadget.

Rachel holds up the pendant, which she says powers anything within its range, about nine or ten feet. She moves the pendant in and out of range so the music fades in and out. She says to power something larger, the pendant needs an amplifier, which is what she's building, which boosts the range to half a mile. With the amplifier, it can power tanks and jets and missiles. (Although they can't go very far, can they? Sounds like Monroe's missiles will have approximately the range of Kim Jong Il's.) Neville asks when it will be ready, and Rachel says he'll be able to commit mass murder much more efficiently very soon.

Charlie's still standing on the mine as Nora spray-paints the other mines. Wheatley asks Miles why he didn't know about these, and he says they must be new. Nora tells the others to go on ahead. They do, but Miles stops next to Charlie. She tells him and Nora to go, but of course they don't, because she is a child who needs taking care of. Nora hands Miles her torch and starts disassembling the mine with her pocketknife. Aaron has hung back as well, to be generally useless.

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