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In My Time of Dying

Wheatley points out that the torch is burning stronger, which means it must be getting more oxygen. He points out a door riddled with holes, then goes to investigate. Oh, Wheatley, you are not long for this world, I don't think. He and Miles break through the door. Miles stumbles outside into the light. Behind them, the red-shirt boy who never got a name gratefully exclaims, "We're getting out of here!" Wheatley replies, "Some of us are," and shoots the red shirt in the chest. The others dive out of the way, and Wheatley slams the door on them.

He bars the door with a pipe, then points his gun at Miles's head and says, "Monroe's going to want you alive." Miles observes, way too late, "You're militia." Wheatley agrees. He tells Miles to turn and start heading for the surface, then begins monologuing about how Miles doesn't remember him from the Trenton campaign, when Miles gave him a medal, that he was so proud General Miles Matheson shook his hand. Miles exposits that Wheatley knew that door was there the whole time, and he says yeah, he also knew the Girard Street exit was blocked, because he's a mole! He's been undercover with that rebel group for two years. Of course he knows all this.

Aaron manages to get the door open. Charlie takes a bow off the dead red shirt (what happened to hers?) and they follow Miles and Wheatley. Ashley draws back her bow to shoot him, but Wheatley lunges back around the corner and shoots her instead. So Charlie shoots him. As he's falling, he gets a shot off, which hits her.

Charlie wakes up on a couch, and it's 1974 and she's in Headley Grange, where artist of the week Led Zeppelin is recording Physical Graffiti! No, actually, it's her turn to hallucinate, that her father is still alive. She sits up and says, "I'm dreaming," so Ben pinches her and tells her to go get Maggie and Danny for dinner. Charlie explains to Ben that the militia killed him and they took Danny and Maggie died. She asks if she was dreaming. Ben tells her it's over and she never has to leave home again. She says her head hurts, and he tells her to lie down and close her eyes.

Miles is telling her to open her eyes. Charlie has just one dainty splotch of blood on her forehead. She doesn't wake up.

Miles asks Nora what's going on, since the bullet only grazed her head. She says Charlie smacked her head on the concrete stairs she's currently lying on. You know, a concussion can only improve this one. Aaron just stares pensively. Miles tells Charlie he's going to get Danny back, but he needs her to wake up.

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