Love Story

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Love Means Never Having to Say I Killed Your Family

Back in Willoughby, Aaron has told Cynthia about the nanites and how they are the reason he's like a Weeble, except with death. "I realize it sounds fairly stupid," he understates dryly. He impresses on her his belief that it's not a miracle, and she's all, something fixed you. Stop deriding the poor woman's threads of faith, Aaron! Aaron hollers that he's not Harry Potter! Oh, I hope children still find comfort in Harry Potter in Revolution's terrible, grubby world. I would've run around the first year of the blackout muttering, "Accio air conditioning, dammit."

"I'm an agnostic Jew from Minnesota. People don't get chosen. Especially not me," Aaron says. Dude. Jew. Chosen people. Try to make this a bit more difficult, huh? Cynthia sees what I'm getting at.

A guard on the Willoughby barricade hollers down for the townspeople to open the gate. Gene and Rachel are coming back at a gallop, with the wagon holding Miles and Jessica Andover. Those horses are all FUCK THIS WE HAD NICE LIVES BEING RIDDEN BY SIX-YEAR-OLDS BEFORE THIS AND WHY DID YOU EAT MY UNCLE IN 2024?! Miles hops out of the wagon and is delighted to see Aaron alive. Well, "delighted" might be the wrong word. Gene hollers at "Stu" that his hand needs medical attention or they might as well lop it off.

Titus's army marches on Willoughby. They all look like Michonne, but dirtier and meaner. Like Michonne if she decided to become a reaver. Riley, who has taken over as sheriff in Mason's absence, looks so thrilled to have Miles in his life, bringing all this to his door.

Titus hollers, "You have my wife!" Miles says if Titus sends any of his men in, he'll kill Jessica. "You hurt her and I'm coming in," Titus says. That appears to be a tautology, fellows. Titus demands to know that Jessica's okay, and I don't know why Riley doesn't just put a bullet between his eyebrows right now. He's not that far away.

Ugly interrupts for a chat with Titus. They hie off to ye olde abandoned school bus and Ugly reads him the riot act: "We are paying you to scare this town. Not gut them." Hmm. So Titus isn't actually in charge? "You're going to tell me what to do?" Titus says. "Who the hell are you?"

"You know who we are," Ugly replies. "The U.S. government? Please," Titus sneers. He calls them plague rats off the boat from Cuba and tells them to keep their diamonds. All he wants is Jessica alive, or else he'll slaughter Willoughby. The plot! It thickens like a finely cooked roux!

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