Love Story

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Love Means Never Having to Say I Killed Your Family

Somewhere in the Plains Nation, Charlie is using her heretofore unseen "tracking" "skills" to find Monroe. Cheekbones is oddly unmotivated as regard the pursuit of his bounty, until his true purpose comes out: he wants to prevent her from killing Monroe because the U.S. government is holding his father captive. So you'd think he'd be trying harder to find Monroe. "If you kill Monroe, it's the same as killing my father," Cheekbones gravels. I must also point out that Charlie is wearing a rather ventilated tank top, while Cheekbones is wearing a thermal undershirt. So he's one of those broad-shouldered burly men who's chilly all the time? Sure. Okay.

Gene's house. He bandages Miles's hand while Riley asks why they should be listening to "the town drunk." Rachel has Jessica in another room, and Jessica pleads not to be sent back to her husband. She explains that she thought her kidney failure would free her—understandable, since her husband is a crazy fucking child molester. Jessica cries about how Titus chained her to the bed and killed people to keep her alive. Jessica has awfully lovely skin for someone with no way of clearing the toxins from her body.

Rachel goes out in the hall where Miles is standing, his right arm in a sling. She doesn't want to give Jessica back, but since he can't fight, he says the only way to keep Willoughby—and Rachel—safe is to give her back. At the front gate, they show Jessica to Titus, and then Miles says he wants a chat.

Savannah. Jason is awake, Tom still unconscious. Jason pops up and grabs the gun from the back waistband of one of the men holding them. He cocks it and aims it at a man's face. Tom wakes up and wearily explains that they're not being mugged, they're being vetted. "Muggers don't take you to a second location for a pat-down. Oh, and by the way, your nails are too clean," Tom tells them government men. Some Generic White Guy is impressed with Tom's savvy, and says the government wants to know everything about them. Tom introduces himself as Edgar Crane, and Jason as his son, Nate. Except that Generic White Guy knows their real names. How? I have no fucking clue.

Here's Miles's idea of a negotiation: they let the people of Willoughby go, and then Titus can have both Jessica and Miles as a hostage. And all of Miles's lovely blood too.

Rachel walks into Jessica's room at Gene's house. Jessica has smashed the glass IV bottle and slashed her wrists with the shards. She looks about a fluid ounce away from bleeding out all over the floor. Rachel clutches her face and Jessica apologizes wanly. Rachel screams for Gene. Jessica dies. OR DOES SHE.

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