Love Story

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Love Means Never Having to Say I Killed Your Family

Poor Megan Hilty on that Sean Hayes show. What did that girl to deserve the last three years of her career? FREE MEGAN HILTY.

Plains Nation. Charlie is trudging along, Cheekbones behind her, staring at her ass. She quips something about how he should maybe stop staring at her ass if he likes his eyeballs where they are, and just then Monroe pops out of the underbrush and clubs Cheekbones into unconsciousness. (I really need a macro for "clubs TK into unconsciousness.") Pointing a shotgun at Charlie, Monroe says he doesn't want to hurt her, he just wants to show her something.

At Cheekbones and the Russian guy's truck, he shows her his own wanted poster. The bounty is six ounces of diamonds. There's also a wanted poster for Rachel. That beard is really working for David Lyons, rowr.

Willoughby. Titus conclaves with some of his grubbier followers. Inside the gates, Miles tells Riley and Ken, the butcher, to get all the people into wagons and they'll meet in a nearby town. Ken isn't too thrilled about leaving their homes, but Miles is all, see the murderous mob outside? Rachel runs up and tells Miles about Deadssica. He tells her to hold it together and play like Deadssica is still alive so the town doesn't panic. He's going to continue smuggling Willoughbians out of town.

Aaron loads up a wagon while Ken remarks to Rachel that the town survived the blackout, bandits, and two cholera outbreaks, but pasty Titus Andover is what ends it. Miles tells Aaron to get Cynthia in a wagon and run for it. She argues a little, but eventually acquiesces.

Savannah. Generic White Guy is wondering why he shouldn't execute Neville, since he was an enemy combatant. Was he? The U.S. government didn't actually exist. He wasn't committing treason. Why do I get the feeling Antonin Scalia watches this show and screams at his television? Neville first points out that he was less-than-pleasantly discharged from the Monroe Militia, then says he's here because he knows who dropped the bombs and killed his wife: it was Monroe, he says, and he wants revenge. He weaves an ugly little tale of his nightmare about the last moments of Julia's life. With his tears and his seriousness, he asks GWG if he thinks he's lying. GWG thinks he is, and is about to shoot Neville in the forehead when Ms. Justine interrupts.

Ms. Justine doesn't know if Neville is lying, but she'd like a man such as Neville where she can keep an eye on him. She tells GWG to let him go. Jason is looking at Ms. Justine like he wonders what kind of hot-ass babies their respective brands of multiethnic prettiness would create. Hot ones, Jason. Hot, hot babies.

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