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Papi, Me Escuches?
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Previously on Revolution: Aaron went out on his own to look for his nanite pal Kevin, and answers about Cynthia's death. The family Neville arrived at the White House and conspired murder. And Miles, Rachel, and Monroe went to Mexico in search of Li'l Sebastian, where Monroe discovered that his son is a surly little cartel lugarteniente.

In Oklahoma, Grace is still pointing the shotgun at Aaron, who's pretty damn surprised to see her. She explains that she came here after the Tower, and wants to know why he's interrupted her solitude. He think he was sent there to find her, and Grace is all, "That's just what I need, a useless, whiny white boy." She takes Aaron to her place, explaining along the way that a woman arrived yesterday and promptly passed out from heatstroke. The woman is sacked out on Grace's couch; when Aaron walks closer, he realizes that she's his first wife, Priscilla.

Mexico. Connor and his men escort Monroe, whose hands are cuffed, to see the head of the Nuñez cartel. Mr. Nuñez is living pretty well; behind a high wall, his house looks like the party scenes on Entourage: ladies in bikinis, live music, grilling meat, fruity drinks. Oh, and a dead body, back whipped to shreds, strung up from the balcony. (Uh…the dead guy looks ever so slightly like Guillermo Diaz. This is what happens when Huck stops working for Olivia Pope?) Monroe asks what the dead man did, and Connor replies with a smirk, "He didn't do his job."

Rachel and Miles watch from outside the gates of Nuñez's home as she bitches about having to rescue Monroe. Miles just glares at his feet, like, I know, you've been so reticent about mentioning it lately.

Mr. Nuñez comes downstairs, greeting Connor in Spanish, discussing a little business, and inquiring after his well-being in a distinctly fatherly way. He notices and then greets Monroe in English, and extends his hand, saying it's an honor to meet him. Nuñez says he always knew Connor was special, even back when he took him in and "practically raised him."

Monroe is unimpressed and asks what Nuñez's plans are for him. Nuñez asks Connor his opinion; Li'l Sebastian thinks they should see how much money they can get for the old man. Surely those bounty posters made it south of the border?

Willoughby. U.S. soldiers are setting up a camp outside town, as Charlie and Gene watch with binoculars from a hundred yards or so away. They ponder what it could be -- a prison? Gene sees a man he recognizes, and identifies as Lloyd, down among the troops. He's a friend, Gene says, and they have to rescue him. Charlie rolls her eyes, all, "Exactly how many members of my family have an overt death wish? And why are there no cute boys in U.S. government uniforms?"

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