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People Say Believe Half of What You See

Nicholas gives the gut-shot boy last rites. He dies. Miles asks Nora who the best shot is. It's Trevor. Miles sends him up the roof with the sniper rifle to target assailants who get closer than ten yards. Nora calls Charlie, but she's still paralyzed over the dead boy. Nora tells her she needs her to hold it together and help.

The militia is closing in. Up on the roof, Trevor loads the sniper rifle and starts picking off militiamen. The commanding officer orders his men to fall back. In the kitchen, Miles is ripping off a piece of the wall, over Nicholas's protests that they have no equipment to dig a tunnel. Miles says they'll use chair legs, kitchen tools, whatever they can find to "Shawshank our asses out of here."

After nightfall, a militiaman breaks cover and runs toward the restaurant. Trevor shoots him. Another militiaman asks the leader what to do. He tells him to send in another man. The man protests that Trevor is cutting the whole platoon down. The monologuer-in-chief begins sermoning about how Trevor is using a Marine Corps M40A rifle, and that's why it's illegal for civilians to own weapons. He bitches about how much ammo Trevor has, but says that sooner or later he will run out, so he tells his subordinate to send in another man for Trevor to spend his bullets on. The man moves out of cover and Trevor shoots him.

Nora is making pipe bombs out of potassium chloride and bleach. She says anyone who trips the wire she's strung across the front door will end up with their junk in their hands. Charlie asks if Nora thinks they can beat Monroe. Nora doesn't think they'll live to see sunrise. So Charlie asks why she's here. Nora begins explaining that she was with Miles, and then there was Frank, who was very nice and didn't know what Nora was capable of (pipe bombs, chain-gang labor, seducing teenage quarterbacks, etc.). She explains that one night they were set upon by drunk militiamen, and after Nora knocked a bunch of them out, Frank dumped her, because even when a woman saves your bacon in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, some men are still threatened by strong ladies. Charlie asks who the guy that Nora joined the rebels for was. She says it was a little boy. She was five months pregnant when that incident happened, and miscarried. She says she's with the rebels to make the loss of her son mean something, so if she has another baby it will be born in the United States.

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