No Quarter

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People Say Believe Half of What You See

At Grace's house, Aaron is digging through the bits of Grace's computer, and tells Maggie he hasn't found anything useful. She's found salt and curry. Aaron's frustration boils over and he compares the MacGuffin to "Lucy yanking some enormous cosmic football just as Charlie Brown's about to kick it." Maggie's like, get your shit under control, man.

At the restaurant, the militia is about to break into the walk-in freezer, which seems to be where the rebels are hiding. Nicholas wants to make a suicidal last charge out the door, right into musket fire. Miles says it's a terrible idea, but they should make a trade. He slaps Jeremy awake and says if they let the rebels go, he, Miles, will surrender. Jeremy also wants the rifle. Miles agrees. Nora asks how they can trust Jeremy, and Miles says he's known Jeremy longer than he's known any of them, and he knows he'll keep his word. "What about your word," Charlie asks, sanctimoniously. God, Charlie, SHUT UP ALREADY.

The militia lead Miles away. Charlie mopes that they'll kill him. Nicholas doesn't seem all that broken up about it, and calls Miles a war criminal. That seems to be a poor semantic argument. Is there an actual war going on?

Monroe's camp. Mosley comes over to mock Danny some more, and Danny starts having an asthma attack. Mosley bends down and Danny grabs him around the neck with the chain in his handcuffs and starts choking him. He tells Mosley if he touches him again, he'll kill him. He lets Mosley go, and just then notices Neville watching him. Neville seems kind of okay with all this. He's one of those no-blood-no-foul captors.

Jeremy's forced march. Jeremy asks Miles if it's true, if Monroe wants Miles because Miles knows how to turn the lights back on. Miles asks Jeremy if he thinks it's true. Jeremy thinks it's crazy, that Monroe is just obsessed. He says Monroe has been different since Miles left: "Angrier. Shorter fuse. Not like the good old days." As the militia is approaching a bridge, the first man trips a wire and IEDs explode. In the confusion, Charlie shoots a militiaman and Nora tells Miles to come with them. He grabs a sword from a scabbard mounted on a nearby horse's saddle and knocks Jeremy down. They run to the other side of the bridge, then Charlie fires a flaming arrow into a bag she dropped, blowing up the bridge. Miles gives Jeremy a weary look across the river and scampers off after the ladies.

Flashback. Monroe and Miles are still walking. They come across a big man in the woods kicking someone to death. Another man is going through the victim's bag. Monroe wants to just keep walking, but Miles tells the kicker to get away from the kickee, and draws his weapon to back up his order. The big man drops his knife on the ground. Monroe tells him he should just run, but Miles tells him not to move. The big man apologizes and says he was just trying to find something to eat. Miles asks about the couple in the orange tent and seems to decide, without any evidence or indication from the other man, that this guy was responsible for those murders.

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