Nobody’s Fault But Mine

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It's All Your Fault, Charlie
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Previously on Revolution: I highly doubt you're jumping in now. You know what happened: power out, Monroe bad, Charlie pouts. This week: shooting! Swordfighting! Answers?

Flashback to the Trenton campaign, five years after the blackout. Miles and Monroe are fighting their way through New Jersey and when they take shelter behind a pile of rubble to reload, Monroe starts laughing about how the world (or at least their part of it) is running out of bullets, so pretty soon they'll have to start rationing ammo and/or using swords, like pirates. An explosion goes off behind them and something hits Miles in the gut. As he's bleeding Mr. Orange-style (although much more quietly), Miles tells Monroe to leave him and lead the men, but Monroe chooses this moment to pledge his loyalty: "If you're dying, I'm dying." Miles looks touched. Or nauseated.

Philadelphia. Nora is helping Charlie walk, since her head is still bleeding. Miles says they need to get off the road and find somewhere safe, but Nora says there's nowhere safe in Philly. Through a peephole, we see Nora push up The Girls as she knocks and says she has a gift for Major Kipling. Two of 'em. Someone unlocks the door and Nora says Captain Baker sent her. While her boobs distract the guy behind the door, Miles barges in and puts his sword to the man's neck. Aaron brings Charlie in as Miles tells Kip they need help.

Banging on his bedroom door wakes Monroe and then he's talking to Neville, who tells him about the message from Wheatley. Monroe looks mildly pleased that Miles is in town, but Neville thinks he should evacuate to Boston just for a little while. But as we have just seen, Monroe won't run away from Miles. Because he loooooves him. Monroe tells Neville he's at a critical point with Rachel and also that there might be a war with Georgia soon. Also this is the midseason finale, so having no confrontation between Monroe and Miles would be ludicrous.

Kipling's place. Their host asks Miles why he came back and while he stares at Charlie -- whose bloody head Nora is tending to -- Miles says things are different now. And if he comes face to face with Monroe, he'll have to kill him. He says he has to find out where Monroe is holding Danny, but Nora objects to Miles going out on the street. He overrules her and says he'll be back in an hour. Charlie tells him to be careful and he's very polite not to point out that most of the circumstances that have led to him almost getting killed lately have been her fault. (Title of the episode! Finish your drinks.)

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