Nobody’s Fault But Mine

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It's All Your Fault, Charlie

At the sound of the door, they both step away from the vent. Strausser comes in and comments on how Rachel and Charlie are both so lovely and it's turning him on. Ew, Johnny Crowder. What would Boyd think?

Neville's house. He's pouring a drink when Miles says from behind him, "Mind pouring me one?" He has his sword to Julia's throat and asks if Neville wants to make a trade.

Neville asks Julia if she's okay. She's like, well, it's not my favorite way to relax for an evening, but I'll survive. Miles tells Neville to unload his gun, which he does, sulkily. And then he says grimly, "You went to my home. Laid your hands on my wife." Miles points the sword at Julia's neck and says he wants Charlie and Danny or he'll cut Julia's throat. Julia tells Tom not to say anything and Miles tells her to shut up. She replies that she's not going to beg for her life and tells Neville that Miles is bluffing. Miles is not, but while Julia is convinced Miles won't hurt them, Neville thinks Miles will kill them both anyway. Miles says he just wants his family back. Neville tells Miles to wait there with Julia.

Danny's cell. Poor Danny has a bloody lip and he ran out of pomade ages ago. Strausser brings in Rachel and Charlie, and Rachel exclaims over what a wreck he looks. He says he's okay and Strausser is being awfully patient letting all the Mathesons coo over each other.

Neville brings in Nora and Aaron. Miles tells him to uncuff them, and then tells Neville to go get Charlie and Danny. He puts the point of the sword a little more firmly at Julia's neck after Neville says they're at the power plant north of the city, with Monroe. Miles gestures for Neville to get in the closet and Neville says, "I am going to kill you one day for this." Miles is all, that's a problem for Future Miles to deal with! He shoves Julia into the closet and Aaron and Nora push a desk over in front of the door.

Monroe smarms his way into the room and tells Charlie (whom he calls Charlotte) how nice it is to meet her. Rachel demands to know what he did to Danny, although it looks pretty obvious that someone punched him in the face, and Monroe says he's just about had it with Rachel. He gestures toward an object on the table and asks if she knows what it is: it's a real amplifier, which Brad was building for him before Rachel stabbed Brad to death with a screwdriver. Monroe wants that to shock Charlie, that her mother is a cold-blooded murderer, but one, Rachel shot someone to death in front of Charlie fifteen years ago; and two, the only surviving Matheson who isn't a cold-blooded murderer is pretty wee Danny over there, and that's just because no one lets him use the big-kid scissors.

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