Nobody's Fault But Mine

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It's All Your Fault, Charlie

Monroe holds up a pendant and asks Charlie if she's seen one before. He explains what the amplifier does, and says Rachel is going to finish building it for him. Charlie tells Rachel that she can't do whatever Monroe is asking her to do (and he just told her what he wants Rachel to do. Jesus, Charlie, try to keep up), and Monroe is all, I hoped you'd say that. He takes a gun out of his pocket and checks the cylinder. Rachel quickly steps in front of him, but the soldiers restrain her. Strausser gives Rachel Sophie's choice, but this isn't The Walking Dead, so I'm pretty sure he's not going to shoot Charlie between the eyes.

Charlie starts rambling about she's seen the militia kill dozens of people and if Rachel helps them they'll kill thousands more. None of which is news to Rachel, but she's not exactly thinking clearly. Strausser yells at Rachel to choose and Charlie says some things are more important than family (then WHY have we been WATCHING all this?!). Strausser yells some more and Charlie stands up in front of Danny and tell him to pick her. Rachel is crying. Strausser's finger tightens on the trigger and Rachel tells Strausser not to shoot Charlie -- that she'll finish the amplifier. Monroe is pleased and says Miles was right, hostages always work. He tells the others to take the kids back to their cell and if Rachel gets out of line, to shoot them both. Well, sure. But that's a cudgel you can only use once, you know?

Miles, Nora and Aaron are heading toward the power plant, which is heavily guarded. Nora asks if he's ever been here before, and Miles says it's Monroe's lab for experiments. And he doesn't know how to get in. Aaron says he does. Hooray! Aaron is useful for the second time!

Rachel is working on the amplifier, and Strausser is invading her personal space. He's so creepy. He says he wants her to try and sabotage the machine so Monroe will let him do what he wants to Charlie and Danny. Rachel looks like she's going to hurl.

Hey, Jeremy's back! When he comes into Monroe's field office, he tells Monroe there's no word from Neville. Monroe thinks maybe Miles killed Neville and is on his way over. And then Jeremy has to ask the same question everyone is asking everyone: What is Monroe going to do when he sees Miles? I don't understand why this is a question. He's going to kill him or at least try. Jeremy says the standing order has always been to bring Miles in alive -- yeah, that's the order for you guys. Monroe wants to kiss him and then kill him. Probably in that order -- but Monroe brushes off Jeremy's questions by saying he's sure that, as Ben's brother and Rachel's brother-in-law, Miles knows something about the electricity.

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