Nobody’s Fault But Mine

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It's All Your Fault, Charlie

They run directly into Monroe and three of his men. Miles tells Rachel to go get the kids while he holds Monroe off. Monroe looks murderous. I mean, he always looks murderous, in general. Now he looks rather specifically murderous.

Motivational flashback! It's Miles and Monroe as kids, play fighting. And now we're back, where the fighting is real. Monroe has just a second of foresight and dashes around a corner as Miles opens fire and kills two of his three guards. The third makes a suicidal stand and Miles picks him off. Monroe comes out, armed with a pistol. Miles has a semiautomatic rifle. They greet each other fondly.

Flashback. Baby Miles and Monroe are drawing on their wrists with markers. They're drawing Monroe's tattoo logo, of course, but if we were confused, Baby Monroe explains.

Miles mentions Rachel and the years Monroe has held her prisoner. Monroe sulks, "If you care so much about Rachel, why'd you leave?" Just replace every time he says "Rachel" with "me" and you'll have decoded their secret language of love. Miles says Rachel is his family, and Monroe's all, um, I am your family. Do drunken graveside declarations mean nothing to you, Ennis?! Monroe asks if Miles is just going to kill him and his family, and Miles says, aren't you going to do the same? Monroe says he won't and lowers his gun. He says he wants Miles to come back so they can be King Miles and King Bass again. If Miles comes back, Monroe will let Rachel and Charlie and Danny live. Miles is clearly just not that into him anymore, but Monroe is nearly begging.

Monroe tosses his gun on the floor. Miles still has his aimed right at Monroe, who brings up how Miles tried to kill him once before and couldn't pull the trigger. Monroe says he understands, that he couldn't kill Miles either and he thinks Miles still can't. Miles is shaking. He says he's sorry and lowers the gun. Monroe says that's okay and Miles clarifies that he's sorry he didn't kill Monroe years ago, because he's changed and Miles doesn't love him anymore. "You are nothing to me," he tells Monroe, who's almost in tears.

Monroe lunges for Miles's gun. They fight, it falls and then they start grappling and pummeling each other. Monroe kicks Miles down a flight of stairs. Miles throws Monroe over a railing. Monroe's cured of his ridiculous obsession with love and he draws his sword. Miles does as well.

Outside, Aaron is propping, like, all of the bombs against a wall emblazoned with the Monroe emblem. He has two matches left. One of them doesn't work when he strikes it.

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