One Riot, One Ranger

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Fear Addicted, Danger Illustrated
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Previously on Revolution: Monroe saved Charlie's bacon from a pack of rapists in exchange for her taking him to Willoughby. In Willoughby, the U.S. government showed up to save Rachel and Miles from getting slaughtered by Titus's reavers, but when Rachel got suspicious of the government's convenient arrival, her old buddy Ken tried to kill her in a basement. But she stabbed him to death instead. Neville is climbing higher in the government hierarchy in his mission to get revenge for Julia's death. And Zombie Aaron is a pyro-kinetic freak of nature now.

Charlie and Monroe, just outside the Willoughby gates, look through binoculars at the soldiers manning the walls. The American flag is flying prominently, almost ostentatiously, over the barricades. Monroe just looks queasy, since, you know, he ran a decade-long military dictatorship with a secondary goal of stamping out that particular symbol. Charlie is worried that the patriots have already picked up Rachel, but Monroe counsels her to be smart and wait. They see a group approaching on the horizon.

Inside Willoughby, Ed examines the two burned bodies from the train yard. Ugly tells him there was no accelerator, they just combusted. Ed tells them to send the bodies for analysis.

Miles, watching the soldiers mill around outside from an upstairs window, asks Rachel how well she covered up Ken's murder. She's pretty confident in her body-hidin', print-wipin' skills, and he's freaked out by that competence. Maybe a little turned on. There's a knock at the door; it's Aaron. He asks Miles if he was at the rail yard last night, and then continues, confessing what happened to him—that he's pretty sure the nanites let him set those men on fire. Rachel can't believe her technology would do that, and she and Aaron techno-babble at each other for a minute until Miles is all, "ANALOG, OH MY GOD, ANALOG". He's interrupted by a bell ringing outside.

The Texas Rangers have arrived! They ride into town, suspicious as hell, since they were expecting a dead town, apparently. The lead Ranger asks for Truman, and introduces himself as John Franklin Fry, secretary of the interior of Texas. And as such, he informs them they're an armed incursion into sovereign territory. Gosh, that sounds familiar. John asks why he shouldn't just shoot Ed right now. Well, because all Ed's pals have semiautomatics aimed at you and you have a revolver? Ed tells his men to stand down and tells John he and his men saved Willoughby from the Andovers.

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