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Patriot Flames
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Previously on Revolution: Aaron turned into Man Carrie, Neville and Ms. Justine found Jason, and Rev. Dr. Gene betrayed Monroe, resulting in his execution. Except he is totally not dead. Not even mostly dead.

From Monroe's POV, we watch as Rachel clears the dirt away and pries open the lid of his coffin. His eyes are rolling wildly, but she tells him not to move. Later, in daylight, Monroe wakes up. Charlie asks what kind of dose Monroe got, and Rachel says it was enough barbiturates to drop a horse. Monroe is dopey as shit, babbling about how happy Miles is to see him. But he doesn't seem to have forgotten about the whole Miles-hid-my-son thing while he was mostly dead.

Charlie asks Rachel why they saved him, and she says it's because they need Monroe. And because Charlie asked her to. And also because hot Australians are basically supporting the American entertainment industry, so let's keep 'em working.

Cynthia and Aaron walk through Main Street, her asking if they're supposed to play along with the patriots' repressive tactics -- apparently they're dictating which books she can teach now. Just as Aaron is telling Cynthia to calm down because the wrong people might be listening, the building next to them explodes. Rachel, Miles, and Charlie can see the dust cloud from the house out of town, where they're still at Monroe's bedside.

Aaron comes to, flat on the sidewalk next to Cynthia. They're surrounded by the broken and bleeding. Rachel, Miles, and Charlie have come to help; Rev. Dr. Gene hollers for his daughter and tells her to put a tourniquet on the injured woman he's clutching.

Patriot HQ. Gene demands a word with Ed, who says they're too busy trying to find the bombing culprit. Gene accuses Ed of setting off the bomb, killing three people in "his" town. Ed takes umbrage with that last point, emphasizing that it's Willoughby, USA, and Gene's job is to keep the citizens healthy and compliant…unless he's not a loyal patriot. He is a loyal patriot, right?

Outside, with armed soldiers on the barricades, Ed blames the bombing on the Andovers but tells the Willoughbeans they have nothing to worry about. And just to show how not-worried everyone should be, the gates will be sealed and Ed is instituting a nighttime curfew. Yeah, that sort of thing totally makes everyone feel safe.

As Ed speaks, Creepiest Man on TV Zeljko Ivanek approaches Rachel. She doesn't recognize him, and he introduces himself as Dr. Calvin Horn, formerly of the DOD Alternative Energies Project. She just stares blankly. He remarks, with an uncomfortable blend of resentment and yearning, that of course Rachel doesn't remember him, since she was the DOD prom queen and he was just a worker bee. Charlie is giving all this the most heroic side-eye. Horn asks Rachel for a private word as Ed finishes, "God bless the United States of America."

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