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Previously on Revolution: Rachel told Monroe that the pendants are key to turning the power back on. Aaron whined about the good life he had before the blackout. Nora tried to blow up a train, Danny is still kidnapped despite Charlie and Miles's best efforts, and Nate is actually Neville's son, Jason. And yes, the irony of recapping this show today, while a million people in my city are without power, is not lost on me. We're very happy to still have power in south Brooklyn.

The fab four hijack a Monroe wagon. They load injured, unconscious Nora in the back. A militia man shoots at them as they flee, but he misses. Nora's stab wound that she got from the ever-courteous Hutch is now infected, a concept that seems to mystify Aaron, and he asks Miles how far they are away from help. Miles answers that it'll take five or six hours. Aaron tries to reassure Charlie that everything will be okay, and she brats about how that's a lie the grown-ups tell her. Well, yeah. Because you act like a child, Charlie. She blames Aaron for not saving Maggie, and he gets the Thousand-Yard Stare of Impending Flashback (thank you so much for that, Dan Kois).

Night of the blackout. Aaron and a lady are drinking champagne in a limo. He already has his mountain-man beard, so it seems to be a hipster affectation rather than an I've-given-up gesture (but seriously, why does anyone shave after the apocalypse?). They kiss and he wishes her a happy anniversary. Aaron's wife asks where they're going, and he plays coy. She tells him he's being over the top, but Aaron likes spoiling her. Then the lights go out and the limo stops in the middle of an intersection. Aaron calls to the driver, and just then they get T-boned by a semi.

Philadelphia. Monroe's men bring Danny in. His hair is approaching Bieber levels of studied casualness. Monroe tells Danny he knew Ben, and says he's sorry for what happened. He says Neville "will be dealt with." Monroe tells Danny he sees Rachel in him, and Danny meeps, "You knew my mother?" Monroe tells the guards to take Danny back to his room, and reminds him that he's a guest, so if he wants food or unwilling ladies brought to him, he just has to ask.

Neville apologizes to Monroe for Ben's death, and Monroe tells him he's getting a promotion to major, and will head up intelligence and interrogations. So he can't be that sad about it. Neville says this will please his wife.

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