Sex and Drugs

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Very Little of Either

Aaron panics. He tells Miles to go out and save Charlie. Miles reminds him that if he goes, Aaron and Nora are dead. Aaron seems more concerned about Charlie's impending death. He says he'll do the best he can, and he asks Miles to go save Charlie. Miles acquiesces.

Charlie strolls onto the grounds of Ohio State University (ha!), cupping her bruised cheek. A bunch of men gathered around trashcan fires watch her as she passes. One intercepts her and asks what she wants. She asks to see Bill. The guy orders the others to search her.

Aaron pounds on the bedroom door, calling for help. Drexel's guard comes in and Miles kills him. They rush out into the hallway and Aaron shows Miles either a dumbwaiter or a laundry chute, which he says will take Miles down to the kitchen. Miles gets down to the kitchen, but he's not exactly prepared. One of Drexel's men tries to shoot him, which of course alerts everyone in the house that something is amiss. Miles stabs some folks.

Bill's place. Charlie is escorted in. In an office, Bill and his wife are playing with an adorable toddler, their grandson. Bill's wife picks up the little boy to take him out of the room, and asks her husband if maybe Charlie knew someone named Becca. Bill says he'll find out. Charlie's resolve to stab him in the eye immediately wavers, because that little nugget is just so fat and cute. Bill offers her a drink, because he's a nice guy. She's looking at the pictures on the walls, of Bill and the others in his family, who were all cops. Bill asks what Charlie's planning on doing with the great big knitting needle she's been conspicuously playing with. She puts it down.

Miles runs up to the building where Charlie is, and conveniently sees her through a window.

Charlie's still stalling. She asks about Becca, and Bill says Rebecca was their daughter, who ran away to Drexel's, because she thought his big house full of hookers and bathtubs was glamorous. He says Drexel got her addicted to heroin, then sent her body home. So Drexel is what you'd call a really bad guy. Bill says he plans to stop Drexel from hurting any more girls like Becca and Charlie.

Aaron's in the front yard, surrounded by men with torches. He asks Drexel to do whatever to him, but please let Nora go. Instead, Drexel's men drag an unconscious Nora outside. The doctor injects her with adrenaline (I suppose you can grow that on spoiled vegetables too?) and she wakes up, gasping. Aaron asks Drexel if he's going to shoot them. No, he's going to have them shoot each other. Yes, that seems like an excellent supervillain plot: give the people you're trying to kill loaded guns!

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