Sex and Drugs

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Very Little of Either

Miles works out some of his rusty parkour skills on the Ohio State building. Inside, Bill asks Charlie what she has to tell him. She says she'd like that cup of tea he offered her earlier. As he pours, she crosses the room and grabs a letter opener, then cartoonishly raises it above his head. He disarms her, but she grabs the kettle and knocks him unconscious. And then rather than fleeing the scene of her stupid, stupid crime, she kneels next to him and apologizes, then again raises the letter opener to stab him. Miles catches her hand at the last minute. Excellent timing, Miles. She really could've nicked him with that thing.

Nora asks Aaron what the hell is going on (right! Because she's been unconscious the whole episode). He's like, long story, Charlie is a jackass. Aaron tells Drexel they're not going to do this. He says it's a fun game, and says whoever shoots and kills the other one wins and gets to stay alive. (Sure.) He holds the guns out and says if they refuse to play, he'll shoot them both. The answer here is clear: take the guns and shoot Drexel, you idiots.

Aaron's flashback. Aaron is trying to make fire with some rocks. His wife comes over and wants to help. Aaron snaps at her that this is the one thing he can do. He apologizes for snapping, and muses that he used to spend a lot of his time thinking about how he could give his wife everything, and now he can't do anything for her: can't hunt for food, can't keep her safe, can't build a fire. Aaron's wife says none of that matters to her (really? Cold, hungry, constant danger of robbery, rape, and murder? Call me shallow, but it would start to matter to me) and it never did. He asks what if what happened today happens again. Maybe you guys should stick with Sean. Just a thought.

Drexel's yard. Nora and Aaron both have guns, and Drexel stands behind the door of an armored Humvee so they can't shoot him (but his head's still pretty well exposed). Aaron tells Nora he's not going to shoot her and wants her to shoot him. Nora's still in a druggy haze and can't really understand him. Aaron says Miles and Charlie need Nora, but no one needs him. Drexel is so sad no one is making the guns go shooty bang bang. Nora protests some more, but Aaron raises his revolver and cocks it. Then he shoots himself in the chest.

Drexel's men rush to take Nora's gun away. Drexel walks over to where Aaron lies on the ground, then Aaron sits up and shoots him. Because he had his flask in his breast pocket, and it deflected the bullet. Aaron gaspingly asks if anyone knows how many bullets Drexel put in the gun, as he points it at Drexel's men, then grabs Nora and tells the men he just wants to leave. The only guard who gets lines jerks his head toward the house and tells Aaron and Nora to get their stuff and go. They do not seem very broken up about Drexel's death.

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