Soul Train

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Charlie walks through a market alongside an oxen-drawn Toyota Corolla. She peers espionage-ishly at the steam engine. In the garage where our heroes are hiding, she tells Miles the train's departure time is tomorrow morning and he guesses it's going to Philly, with Danny aboard. He asks Nate if he knows anything about the train. Nate doesn't answer, and Miles continues that Danny is surely in town, so now would be a good time to look for him. He hands his crossbow to Aaron and tells him to guard Nate (whom he calls "Nipples," which, hee) and to go ahead and shoot him if Aaron gets twitchy, then instructs Charlie and Nora to canvass the town separately, but to find Miles if they suspect they know where Danny is.

Danny is being held in the vault of a bank, where Neville's boys were having their homoerotic slapfights. Neville begins soliloquizing about banks and how hard everyone worked for money that they never saw. Danny interrupts and tells him to shut up, because he's justifiably sick of listening to Neville. Neville gets all serious about how Danny should be very careful how he talks to him, and Danny asks what he'll do, hit him again? He knows he won't kill him.

Neville gets home on the night of the blackout to find a raging party going on across the street from his house. He asks the neighbor, Rob, who's out on his porch macking on some girl, if he can keep the music down at night because it wakes up Neville's son. The guy doesn't answer, because he's the kind of douche who has all-night ragers in what looks like a nice suburban neighborhood. Neville heads inside, and sure enough, his little boy is awake and comes running up with his Optimus Prime. Neville's wife (who's Kim Raver) asks him how work was, and he doesn't tell her he got fired. Instead he goes down to the basement to work the heavy bag -- and he's quite a bit chubbier than he was in his earlier shirtless punching scene, but I suppose that's what happens during a catastrophe -- until his son, Jason, comes down the stairs behind him. He offers the kid a slug at the bag, but says, "Remember, we only hit the bag. We never hit people." Then the light goes out. Neville calls upstairs for his wife.

Nora cases the train station. There seems to be a bustling bike-repair business going nearby, which answers some questions. She enters what appears to be a bookstore -- the walls are hung with old maps, and the proprietor (Jeff Fahey, another Lost alum) is hand-pressing the cover page of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. He asks how he can help her, and Nora says, "I'm looking for a biography of Joe Biden." Hell, I'd expect Joe to be king of Delaware in this world. The man turns and looks at her, because it's obviously a code. He brings her into a back room, then pulls a knife and says he needs to be sure. She pulls her shirt off her shoulders and shows him her revolutionary tattoo. The man opens a drawer, pulls out the false bottom and hands Nora an American flag. They introduce themselves: "Nora Clayton." "Hutch -- Ken Hutchinson." Nora asks how many men he has, and he says he's the entirety of the Noblesville Underground, that the militia wiped out his entire unit, including his wife. I have a bad feeling about Hutch's survival. Nora says she's part of his unit now, and they're going to blow up that train.

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