Soul Train

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Charlie is skulking around town when Neville comes up behind her. He asks what she's doing, and it takes me a minute to remember that he never saw her back in East Chicagoland. She says she's spying on her boyfriend and thinks he might be cheating on her. Neville asks her name, and she says, "Sara McGill." Neville gives her his real name, and Charlie hesitates before shaking his hand. She asks if he's in town for the train, and he wonders how she guessed. Well, it's a giant shiny thing in the middle of town, in a world pretty much devoid of shiny things. He bids her a good afternoon, and says her boyfriend is an idiot for stepping out on her. Charlie turns away and almost throws up from nerves, then follows Neville.

She walks very quickly and with purpose, which is a good way to attract attention. Naturally, Neville notices he's being tailed, hides behind some crates, and jumps out and grabs Charlie. Before Neville can cut her throat, Miles breaks them up. Neville grasps the situation and observes there's quite the family resemblance between Charlie and Danny (uh... there isn't). Miles tells Charlie to run.

Miles and Neville mutually try to stab each other in the throat while Miles asks politely after Neville's wife, Julia. He says she's doing well, but that he hasn't seen her in a year because he's been hunting Miles. Miles asks how Danny is and Neville says, in pretty much the creepiest way possible, "Oh, he's a spirited young man." Miles asks where he is, and Neville's many things but not an idiot. Miles offers to trade Danny for one of Neville's men -- namely, Nate. Neville says Miles can keep Nate (given what we learn later, that is cold), that he has new orders and he needs Danny, maybe more than he needed Miles. As they circle each other, Neville asks Miles why he left. Miles says he wouldn't understand. Four militia guys notice the confrontation, so Miles judo-flips Neville over his shoulder and flees.

Nate's garage prison. Aaron is staring dourly at Maggie's iPhone and the MacGuffin, which is on a crate next to him. He knocks over the crate, because he is a clumsy oaf and it's amazing he's survived this long. Nate grabs the MacGuffin. Aaron asks for it back, and Nate observes that it's an ugly necklace. Aaron nervously says it was his wife's. Nate hands it back under the screen. They hear a noise and Aaron picks up the crossbow. But it's Nora and Hutch. Luckily he doesn't shoot them.

Nora goes behind a truck to change her clothes and tells Aaron to tell Miles she's going to put a bomb on the train and take out as many of Monroe's officers as she can. Aaron starts to panic, asking Nora what will happen if Danny is also on the train. Nora doesn't seem to care much, because her taste in teenage boys runs to Texans. She says Miles will just have to find him first.

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