Soul Train

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Miles is yelling at Charlie about how he told her not to get close, while she argues that Neville actually ran into her. He says she got emotional (got emotional? She's been a simpering bag of feelings for the past month, man!) and she blew their chance to get Danny back. Charlie doesn't seem particularly bothered as Miles says their only advantage was the element of surprise, but when he says that if they fail to save Danny it's her fault, she finally says, "You never used to be like this!" Miles is as confused as I am -- how does she know? She says she remembers him from when he visited when she was four and he took her for a ride in his car. Charlie asks what happened to that guy. Um... apocalypse, genocide, starvation, military dictatorship and a decade and a half of alcoholism? Miles says instead, "He's dead."

Bank. Militia drag Danny out of his cell and Neville says they're taking him to a more secure location. Danny decides this is a good time to get all smirky about how Neville looks nervous. Neville very generously doesn't throttle Danny, although at this point I totally would. God, these Mathesons are tiresome. Except for Miles. Call me, Miles.

The Nevilles' place, six weeks after the blackout. Tom and Julia are huddled in bed. They hear breaking glass and he goes downstairs to investigate. There's a man rummaging through their kitchen and it's Rob, the across-the-street neighbor, stealing the silver. Jason comes downstairs and says, "Daddy?" Tom tells him to go back to bed and Rob says Tom should also go upstairs "before I beat you in front of your son." Tom tries to hit Rob with the weapon he brought (a golf club?) and Rob blocks it and starts pounding on Tom. Rob is choking Tom, but then Neville gets the upper hand and beats Rob to a bloody pulp. Julia screams her husband's name from the stairwell, but he doesn't stop and from the wet squishing it sure sounds like Rob is a goner. Neville stands, and the music swells because he's now no longer the wimpy insurance adjuster, but someone who beats intruders to death with his fists.

The fab five's garage. Charlie is sputtering about Nora's plan to blow up the train. She tells Miles they need to stop her, but Miles says they won't be able to find her, so instead they should try to find Danny. And the best source of intel they have is their sweet little captive, Nipples. Charlie starts out easy, begging Nate to tell her what he knows. He says he's sorry, but he can't help her. She gets grim (for her) and says she can't help him either. Miles draws his sword and advances on Nate, whom they have stupidly left untied, although his hands are still in zip ties. Despite this he manages to run and climb his way out of the garage, with Miles in pursuit. Outside, with Nate seeming to have vanished, Miles is all, well, that was an incredibly stupid waste of a hostage. Got any more bright ideas, Chuckles?

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