Soul Train

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Sara Brady: C | 1 USERS: C

The train jerks forward, the horn blows again and then it slowly pulls out of the station. Nora and Hutch are watching from the station and she sees Neville. She thinks aloud, "If Neville's on that train, that kid must be Danny." She says she has to get the bomb off the train. Hutch grabs her arm to stop her and says they have to do this. She replies that she can't kill this kid and moves to jump aboard, but he stabs her. There's a whole handful of women's studies papers to be written about all the penetration on this show, I am telling you. Hutch apologizes and runs off. Charlie and Aaron find Nora, and she tells them the bomb -- and Danny -- are on the train. So Charlie stares glassily as the train chugs away. It's not moving that fast, dude. Run.

Nora tells them the bomb is in the fuel compartment and apologizes again. Charlie makes a weepy face. Miles points out some nearby horses and then they're riding, chasing the train. It's very Butch and Sundance, except that Miles is both Butch and Sundance. He grabs onto the back of the train and pulls himself off the horse and onto the caboose. He reaches back to help Charlie do the same. Inside, Neville is reading placidly. (I actually saw the biography of Lee Iacocca that he was reading in the last episode in the freecycle box on someone's stoop over the weekend, because: Brooklyn.)

Miles and Charlie clamber along on top of the boxcars. Miles hollers back that he'll get the bomb and tells Charlie to find Danny. The engineer is putting wood on the fire, getting closer to the bomb-log. Charlie climbs down to the level of the cars and sees Danny through the window. Danny, of course, almost gives the whole game away by grinning at her through the window. Somehow the stealth skills of these two dollbabies fool Neville for a moment. Charlie nods at Danny, who tackles Neville.

The engineer throws the bomb into the engine furnace. Miles jumps down off the woodpile and begins fighting with the engineer, when what he really needs to do is uncouple the locomotive from the other cars. Neville and Danny are fist fighting inside their car, and Charlie breaks through the door, lunging at Neville with a knife. Miles overpowers the engineer, wraps his arm in leather and reaches into the fire for the bomb. Neville is choking Charlie when Danny knocks him unconscious with a lamp. The two are on their way out when Nate grabs Charlie and Neville recovers and grabs Danny, holding a gun to his head.

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