Soul Train

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Miles manages to throw the bomb -- which is on fire -- off the train. It explodes next to the train and somehow doesn't derail it. Neville tells Nate to bring Charlie to him so he can shoot her. Nate hesitates and whispers to Charlie to shield her head, then throws her out the door and off the train. Neville doesn't care that much. He handcuffs Danny inside the train car again. Miles jumps off the train. So that was all for nothing, I guess. Except now Nate is probably going to get shot in the face. Neville tells him, menacingly, "I told you to bring me the girl."

Charlie catches up with Miles and as they stand on the tracks watching the train roll away, she looks as unhappy as if her favorite spinning instructor has temporarily gone to an ashram so she has to make do with the lady who plays Enya during the cool-down.

Camp. Miles asks Nora if she'll be okay. She doesn't seem to have been stabbed too badly. She starts to say, "Miles, if you hadn't gotten that bomb -- " and he cuts her off. He goes over to soothe Charlie's hurt fee-fees. He tells her the uncle who visited when she was little isn't dead, but he can't be that guy right now because he has to go to Philly and kill Monroe, his best friend. Charlie says, "I get it, Miles. But I don't want to hear it." Because now she's all tough and focused? Charlie is such a jackass.

Charlie, suddenly everyone's leader, asks Aaron if he's coming to Philadelphia. He says he is, and I hope to god he gets an actual storyline soon. Maybe it will turn out that he was responsible for the effed-up Apple Maps on the iPhone 5 and that's what killed civilization? Charlie asks Nora if she's going to try to kill her brother again. Oh, for Christ's sake. Nora very politely doesn't ask Charlie how she would enjoy getting stabbed. They pick up their stuff and set off.

Philadelphia. Thirtieth Street Station actually appears to be in pretty good shape. Neville and his detachment, all in their finest Gestapo jackets by L.L. Bean, walk toward the station, and Julia and a boy -- who runs off -- meet them. Neville hugs his wife, and then she greets Nate. "Hello, Mother," he says.

Flashback. Neville teaches Jason how to use a knife. Jason says he's scared, and Neville says they need to be tough to survive.

Rachel is watching from the window as the militia men escort Danny off the train (I'm kind of impressed she recognizes him after this many years, since it's not like he looks like Ben). She says he's hurt and asks what the men did to him. Monroe says no one will touch him now and she can see him any time she wants. She finishes: "As long as I tell you whatever you want." Well, yes. That is how blackmail works. Monroe asks again what Ben was working on. Rachel goes to the desk and pulls out a sheet of paper. As she draws the MacGuffin, she says they were both working on it and she doesn't have all the specs, but turning the power back on starts with the pendants, of which there are twelve. Great. A whole season's worth of shiny little Horcruxes.

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