The Children’s Crusade

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Flashback to when Rachel was pregnant (probably with Danny?), three years before the blackout. She's getting out of the car and heading into the house. A man, Mr. Flynn (played by Colm Feore, the second spookiest man on TV [Zeljko Ivanek is the first]), standing in a very bright control room full of video monitors and gadgets and just an obscene number of electric lights asks Ben Matheson, via telephone, what he's got. From the other side of a window, Ben says what they have is a mistake. He and his partners were trying to invent a device that would generate clean, cheap electric power, but they failed and what they created actually does the opposite -- it inhibits electricity. Behind Ben are Brad and Grace, his partners, and he asks them to demonstrate. (And I wish someone had made, like, the tiniest effort to show that the adult characters have aged over fifteen years. They all look exactly the same, except for how Miles glowers more. Look, Zak Orth was in Wet Hot American Summer eleven years ago. Now he's Aaron. Compare that to last week.)

All around Flynn, the lights and TVs and gadgets go dark and silent. Some of you in New Jersey and SoPo might recognize the phenomenon. Then Grace turns the power back on. Ben punches some numbers into a keypad and opens the door of the chamber Flynn was in. Flynn asks if this result can be replicated and on how large a scale. Just then, Rachel comes in and Ben introduces Flynn as the assistant secretary of the Department of Defense. Flynn tells Rachel he's recommending the DOD offer Ben a full contract. Rachel wants a word with Ben.

Apparently Ben didn't tell her quite what he was working on and of course she's upset. He tells Rachel a government contract isn't the worst thing, but she asks him if he doesn't see the potential uses of Ben's invention for warfare (aha! I was hoping this show would turn into Outbreak! When does Dustin Hoffman show up and fix everything?). He, um, does recognize those uses. But he really wants that sweet, sweet government pork.

Present. Miles points out how many wagon treads are on the road, all going the same direction. Aaron asks Nora what's going on with Miles, because normally Miles is standoffish and self-preservationist, but now he wants to rescue a stranger. Nora points out that those kids' parents were killed when Miles was the HBIC of the Monroe Militia. Ah, so he has a conscience and it's guilty.

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