The Children's Crusade

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Miles is shooting down Charlie's truly excellent idea of going into the ship to get Peter out. (Although I don't think we've actually seen any girl militia members so far, just Nora dressed up as one. Maybe the ladies are all deployed to different parts of Monroe-topia?) He says what happens on the boat, what happens to those kids -- including Peter and Danny -- is all Miles's own fault. Charlie tries on her world-weary, cynical face, saying that with their luck, there's no way they can get Danny back, so they might as well try to save a kid who's a little closer to hand -- Peter. And then he caves to her latest idiot plan? Miles, I cannot believe you are going along with another of her idiotic plans. He says to get Peter back, they'll need a master key. "And that's going to hurt," he says.

Charlie is sitting next to a path in the woods, with a little fire going just to make sure no one can miss her, when a militia wagon carrying two soldiers stops. The younger soldier jumps out and asks Charlie what she's up to. He doesn't believe her story that her family is off hunting. She grabs her bag and makes a very brief, halfhearted attempt to run. The soldier chases her and punches her out, as Miles and Nora watch from the brush.

Philadelphia. Rachel's out of her cell and back in her nice room, no bruises on her face. A soldier brings in Brad, who is rather upset to see her plush surroundings. She says she's also a prisoner here, and tells Brad Monroe's men will kill him. He says betraying everyone would be worse than dying. Rachel recaps how she didn't tell Monroe anything until he showed up with Danny and, for her, what Monroe will do to Danny is worse than dying. Brad's like, this is about the whole damn world, lady, not just your boy. Neville comes in and says it's easy to be self-righteous when no one's holding a gun to your kid's head, but he has a fix for that, because another soldier brings in Brad's daughter.

Neville villains about how easy it was for them to find Brad's daughter, Eve, after Rachel told them about Brad's involvement in the project, and while Brad and Eve fight against their guards, everyone cries and yells and gets dragged back to their dank little prison cells. Ugh. Electricity is so awesome, you guys.

On the soldier-factory ship, Lieutenant Slotnick introduces himself to the rows of recruits. He tells them that this will be the best thing that ever happens to them, and monologues about how Monroe is strong and moral and so, so dreamy. Charlie does not look impressed and is trying to catch Peter's eye so they can formulate a quick telepathic escape route. Slotnick calls a kid to the front and tells him he can speak. The kid wants to go home. Slotnick tells him he's free to go, really, but as the kid starts to climb the stairs to outside, Slotnick viciously beats the stuffing out of the poor thing.

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