The Children's Crusade

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Ship. Miles, Nora, Charlie and Peter come running out, but of course Slotnick has Michael, with a knife to his throat. The other militia members draw their swords. Slotnick tells Miles to drop his weapons, which he does (well, the visible ones).

Lighthouse. There's an electrical hum and Aaron starts muttering, "No, no, not now." He pulls out the pendant, which has switched on like it did at Grace's house and starts fumbling with it to try and turn it off. Vern says, awed, "It's like a firefly," and the lights and a generator across the room switch on. Vern is so confused. And then the lighthouse's great huge light comes on. On the ship, Miles is like, THE FUCK?

Miles isn't bewildered for too long, just a commercial break. He takes advantage of the light blinding Slotnick to grab Michael. Just then, the pendant goes out and with it, the beacon. Miles and Nora fight with the soldiers and Charlie's the one who gets to impale Slotnick. Once they've won, Charlie, Miles, Nora, Michael and Peter all stand around and stare at each other, as if these five guys are the only soldiers on the boat.

Those two soldiers are still exploring the lighthouse, trying to figure out what the hell just happened. They come downstairs, passing little girl under the stairs and the box where the little boy is hiding. Aaron pops out of the shadows and clobbers one, then dispatches the other one. The kids come out of their hiding places, so impressed with a grown-up they can trust and please, I am gagging.

Philadelphia. Monroe tells Rachel he's sent riders to Brad's house and as soon as they have the pendant, Brad and Eve can go. He says Rachel never did tell him how the lights went off in the first place. She asks what difference it makes, as long as she can turn them back on. I think it might be a useful thing to keep in your back pocket, no?

Flashback. Pregnant Rachel runs into Flynn, who has heard about Danny's heart problem. Ah, nothing pregnant ladies like more than dudes poking their noses into their uteri. He says he's sure she's done all the research on what she can do, even a trial at Columbia that's specifically focused on Danny's problem. Rachel gasps that it's full. Flynn offers to get her in. He says he just wants to help her out -- "at work, and at home. I just want us to be friends." Ah, the old you-scratch-my-back-I'll-fix-your-fatally-ill-fetus gambit. So clich├ęd.

Shores of Lake Prisonship. All the little soldier boys and girls are fleeing happily. Peter climbs out of a rowboat and the little kids swarm him, even Vern, who looks like he's still sad he can't sit on Peter's lap anymore. The little girl hugs Nora. Miles asks Aaron what the hell happened. Aaron plays dumb, but Miles is all, DUDE WHAT THE FUCK I SAW LIGHTS OMG I MISSED LIGHTS SO MUCH. Aaron holds up the pendant and says, "It can sometimes bring the power back on and bring machines to life," about as casually as you'd say, "This is Nutella. It is delicious."

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