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Power Failure
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Previously on Revolution: The lights went out, and everyone lost their shit--this time to a plinky acoustic soundtrack? WTF. Man, Miles needs a haircut.

We pick up where we left off in November, with Miles and Monroe in an armed standoff. Only the geography is a little different. They point their giant guns at each other and finger the triggers erotically, but before they can finally kill each other in a repressed homosexual suicide pact, Tower guards intrude, forcing Miles and Monroe to fight back and then flee with Nora, into what's either the Tower's sewer or its hydraulic power source. Naturally, the Tower guards follow them and shoot at them so they fall in the water. Nora surfaces and screams for Miles. Gosh! Do you think it's remotely possible that he drowned in the first five minutes of the episode?

Randall (still alive! Colm Feore is hard to kill) finds Dick Cheney's secret bunker, now stripped of weapons. He pulls a framed photo of George W. off the wall and smashes the glass, finding a swipe card behind the portrait.

Back in Tower Heights HQ, Grace is still fearmongering about how turning the power back on could make the nanites set the world on fire. Yes, but if you don't turn the power back on, I will never find out what Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt's babies look like, and you get in the way of that I will cut a bitch. One of the guards who was after Miles and Monroe reports to Dan that the dictator and his buddies have disappeared. Dan relates this information dispassionately, then tells Rachel if she tries to get to level twelve and turn the power back on, he'll kill her. Has no one realized that death threats don't work on a nihilist?

Neville comes into a tent to talk to Franklin about the revolution (ha-ha, get it? Ugh) he's fomenting. Franklin is somewhat less than bullish on Neville's chances of overthrowing Monroe, but Neville says he's going to let Franklin go rather than slaughter him, because he's not a capricious murderer like Monroe. He assures him he's going to send him home to his wife, but without his weapon--and then Neville picks up Franklin's gun, fires twice into the tent wall, then shoots Franklin dead. He plants the gun on Franklin and then is pointing his own weapon at him to make it look like Franklin drew on him when the others, including Jason, rush in. Man. Unless you are Giancarlo Esposito, it just does not pay to be darker than a glass of milk on this show.

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