The Longest Day

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And I'm Drowning Slowly

Jeremy's serving full-on realness at this point, and tells Monroe that he made Miles and Neville betray him because he's become such a sadistic, paranoid bastard. He says even if Monroe does take over all of North America, he'll do it alone, while suspecting everyone around him. Monroe thanks Jeremy for telling him the truth, and then leaves the room. After he closes the door, gunfire erupts inside. RIP, Jeremy. You and your big ears were decent. And funny.

Miles and Nora approach the collapsed building and shoot a militia soldier, which of course gives away their location to all the other militia soldiers. Firefight.

Charlie's trying to scratch her way out of her bricky grave with her fingernails. She manages to shift the rubble on top of her and crawl out of a hole, and almost right into the path of a bunch of militia soldiers. She backs into the hole, her hair still looking amazing.

The Nevilles' two-man Off-Broadway production of The Great Santini continues. Jason asks his father why he's helping him and Tom's all, because we used all the squibs on you so it looks like you're much more grievously injured! Tom confesses that he's done all sorts of bad things -- lying, murdering, torture, getting on a subway car and then standing right in front of the doors -- but leaving his only son to die alone is his bridge too far.

Aaron and the hunter from earlier return to the computer shop and he starts to explain as much as he can, but then Rachel wallops the hunter over the head and is all, let's go! She tells Aaron it's too late for that kid, so they need to run before he dies while they struggle to perform a "miracle." Man, that Rachel Matheson. Such a devoted humanitarian.

Aaron, patron saint of lost causes, protests that they should try to help people with their power, which is a completely foreign concept to Rachel. She says she's not in it to help people; she's doing this to wipe Monroe off the map, as revenge for Danny's death. And she's totally willing to let someone else's kid -- or everyone else's kids -- die. Aaron. Dude. Run. Well, amble.

Firefight. I'm so glad they resolved that whole ammunition-shortage problem, because my life doesn't have nearly enough people shooting endless rounds from automatic weapons at each other in it. Militia soldiers catch up with the Nevilles. Tom puts Jason down on the ground, then kills all four soldiers, but not without taking a slug in the shoulder.

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