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Set a Course for Anthrax!
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Previously on Revolution: Miles, Charlie and Nora went down to Georgia and started a war against Monroe. Rachel and Aaron are trying to get to the Tower so they can flibbityflop the quarketergibbit and turn the power back on. And the entire family Neville fled the Monroe Republic, but not together.

Nora and Miles set up some bombs in a facility where Timothy Busfield (oh, hi, Danny!) is doing mysterious things with vials of colored water. Miles whacks Timothy Busfield on the head and shoves him down the garbage chute so Charlie and Jason can smuggle him out before the building blows up.

Flash back to two days earlier. Miles chastises a Monroe soldier named Pete for letting Jason capture him. Pete would really like it if Miles didn't kill him, but since Pete also isn't prepared to spill whatever Monroe secrets he's carrying, Miles, in a particularly murdery mood today, offers him a bag over his head for the firing squad. Pete grimly refuses the bag and is executed.

Miles goes off to drink his feelings and relive Emma's murder. He is such a peach to be around these days. A minion interrupts his gloomy introspection with news of reinforcements from Georgia -- specifically, Neville-shaped reinforcements. Miles wants to shoot Neville (this will be a recurring theme!), but he holds off when Neville hands over a letter from President Foster commissioning him in the Georgia military. This makes them partners, Neville smarms. Miles flatly states his intent to kill Neville, but Neville was expecting this, and banters with Miles about how since Georgia is giving him manpower and guns, he needs to play nicely. Or "you can go back to being the General of my nuts," he snaps. Aw, I kind of missed Neville.

Neville informs Miles that Monroe is weaponizing anthrax and the scientist in charge is Timothy Busfield, whose name for these purposes is Dr. Ethan Camp. Charlie and Nora can't believe Miles is willing to work with Neville, and they both really want to shoot him. Jason, amusingly, is about three feet behind them, but he seems to have no problem with everyone discussing murdering his dad. Miles says the plan is to go get Ethan and deliver him to Georgia. Nora and Charlie worry that this mean Foster will be able to make anthrax, but Miles is all, STFU, this is not a democracy, get off the boat if you don't want to participate. Neville greets them as they disembark from the boat when they arrive, but he doesn't seem as delighted to see Jason. They board a steamboat to go to get Dr. Camp in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

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